Assignment 2 Tools

Given below is an updated Makefile to include the Jericho jar in the classpath when compiling the source. This assumes that you have placed the jericho-html-3.3.jar inside a directory called 'lib' which is at the same level as Makefile. Also the source code is in 'cs455' directory.

all: compile
	@echo -e '[INFO] Done!' 
	@echo -e '[INFO] Cleaning Up..'
	@-rm -rf cs455/**/*.class cs455/**/**/*.class cs455/**/**/**/*.java cs455/**/**/**/**/*.java
	@echo -e '[INFO] Compiling the Source..'
	@javac -d . -cp ./lib/jericho-html-3.3.jar:. cs455/**/*.java cs455/**/**/*.java cs455/**/**/**/*.java cs455/**/**/**/**/*.java
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