Lab 3
Christmas lights

Your job is to extend the functionality of the Blinky code discussed in class. You can experiment with the xmas.bit file, using IMPACT to download this into the Digilent boards. You can find Impact under "Start -> Programs -> Xilinx ISE 71i -> Accessories -> Impact". Create a new project, and connect to the board and download in the normal fashion. Here are blinky top level VHDL file, and the Blinky VHDL file, discussed in class. Your design must have at least four light patterns. The light pattern must change in time (e.g. fade using pulse width modulation, circulate left or right, jump left or right, invert) using different timers. You can use the buttons and switches to control your LEDs any way you like, as long as you do not change the reset button (BTN0) and the Clk50Mhz Again, grading will be done by you presenting your work and answering our questions in the lab before the due date.

-4 light patterns
-2 speeds
Light patterns cannot be similar to each other. To count as a new light pattern, it cannot be simple inverse/reverse/shift of an existing pattern. Also, patterns like two lights moving and one light moving with the same pattern are also counted as a single pattern.
Reverse and inverse should work for all of the 4 light patterns.
We also expect you to be testing all your entities on ModelSim before you put it on the board. We will ask you to run the do files for all your new entities for any lab assignment when you do the demo.

Extra credit for additional things that are not required to meet the above requirements. (ex. PWM)