Wim Bohm
Office: 470 CS Building
Office Hours: TBA
Office: TBA
Office Hours: TBA
Lecture Time and Place:
9:00-9:50, MWF, CSB Room 130

Parallel programming is becoming increasingly critical for a computer scientist/engineer. All new machines are now parallel. There is already a movement that suggests that all students be taught parallel programming in the introductory courses, with sequential programming viewed as a special case. However, parallel programming is not easy. For current CPUs it requires awareness of the multicore architecture, the cache hierarchy, and in some cases the vector floating point capabilitites .
This course will teach you the basic concepts of designing, writing, debugging, and analyzing parallel programs. It covers the two main paradigms: shared memory, and message passing. We will also examine a number of parallel algorithms for a range of problems.


Interesting OMP, MPI, CUDA parallel programming competition.
Please grade your TA here .
Final exam.
CS475 on campus exam: Wednesday Dec 18 11:50 am - 1:50 pm

CS475 online: One 2 hour online test with all the questions, which can be taken from Wednesday Dec 18, 14:00 until Friday 23:59 Dec 20.
Final test material: from week 5 (Cache) to week 15 (CUDA coalescing).
Project term paper due Dec 1
Interesting pages from Science News October 2013: Memory Time Line , Memory Speed , Prime Twins

Sep 23: To be able to work on the ISTeC Cray, you need to fill out an ISTeC Cray Account Request Form, available in lab 4
Aug 26: here are the echo lectures for this course.