Wim Bohm
Office: 470 CS Building
Office Hours: MW 10:00-11:00
Louis Rabiet
Office: CSB 120
Office Hours: Tue 09:00 - 11:00 am
Lecture Time and Place:
9:00-9:50, MWF, CSB Room 130

Parallel programming is becoming increasingly critical for a computer scientist/engineer. All new machines are now parallel. There is already a movement that suggests that all students be taught parallel programming in the introductory courses, with sequential programming viewed as a special case. However, parallel programming is not easy. For current CPUs it requires awareness of the multicore architecture, the cache hierarchy, and in some cases the vector floating point capabilitites .
This course will teach you the basic concepts of designing, writing, debugging, and analyzing parallel programs. It covers the two main paradigms: shared memory, and message passing. We will also examine a number of parallel algorithms for a range of problems.

Upon request by some campus students, the PA3 due date has been moved to Friday Oct 17.
As the CS machines were unreacheable through secure shell on Saturday September 27, the late period up to Wednesday Oct 1 can be used to finish P2, without late penalty.
Jan 17: here are the echo lectures for this course.