Roughly speaking links included here go with different major topics of the course.

Early OpenCV Examples

  • Lecture 3 Examples. This zip files contains five early tutorials as well as ex00movie that illustrates how to advance through frames of an mpeg video.

Interactive Fourier Transform Sites

  • Tomáš Bořil Fourier Series 3D. This site lets you control the construction of different functions by manipulating the phase and magnitude of constiuent parts of the signal. The visualization takes advanatage of a 3D view that is clever and allows more information be shown in a single presentation.
  • Dave Watts Ejectamenta Fourier Site. Dave Watts has built an excellent 2D fourier transform visualization tool that allows one to move backward and forward between the spatial domain, e.i. a greyscale image, and the Frequency domain. For testing I prefer the following image of the CSU Oval. Pay attention to the Short Instructions and in particular the guideance on how to construct a low pass and a high pass filter. Also, if you want to test your skill, supress the 'noise' consisting of a sinusoidal disturbance in this image of the letter B.