CS 540, Spring 2015: Checkin Instructions

Preliminary Test

The Checkin system was developed byt Fritz Sieker and Chris Wilcox in the CS department at CSU. It was designed to assist first year students in submitting and testing their code. We are using it in CS540 to make sure that easily fixed errors in naming and composition of programs are dealt with automatically.

Checkin has two phases: preliminary and final tests. Preliminary are available to the students when they submit their code. Final tests are run after all code has been submitted and grading has commenced.

The preliminary test currently checks for the following three things on your submission:
  1. The submission must be named PA2.tar. (This is enforced in the Checkin so you can't turn in a submission other than PA2.tar)
  2. PA2.tar contains a script (timetableA2.sh) in its root folder.
  3. timetableA2.sh produces a solution file when it is called. [Refer to the assignment description to see how the script is meant to run]
Therefore, if I execute the following command:
$./timetable.sh problem1.crs problem1.stu problem1.sol
your script must run your code and produce problem1.sol.

Procedure to check in PA2.tar

  1. Logging in:
    1. Go to CS540 checkin login page (Links to an external site.) from the CS540 website by clicking on "guest user" at the bottom left of your window.
    2. Enter your CS login credentials (the credentials that you use when logging in to the US capital machines (Links to an external site.)). Refer to CS FAQs (Links to an external site.) or send sna@cs.colostate.edu an email if you are in doubt.
    3. Click on the "Checkin" tab to navigate to the Checkin page.
  2. Click on "PA2: Timetabling and Search" to begin your submission.
  3. Click on the "Choose File" button to upload a new submission.
  4. Viewing Preliminary Test Result:
    1. Wait for approximately one minute after uploading your submission to view the preliminary test result.
    2. Click on the "Details" button in the preliminary testing row after a ~1 minute to view the preliminary test result.
    3. Your preliminary test result should be available in the "Your Output/Master Output" section of the result.
  5. Interpreting your Preliminary Test Result:
    The output of the preliminary test on your code will be displayed (in red if it is different from master output and green if it is the same as the master output) and will be followed by the master output (master output is what the ideal outcome of the test should be and is green in color).
    1. If you scored 1/1 on the the test result, you're golden! You wil get a "Success!" message in green color in this case. This implies that your code satisfied all three conditions in section I and is runnable. This, however, does NOT imply that the solution produced by your code satisfies the hard constraints in the assignment description as that will be tested in the final grading.
    2. If you scored 0/1 on the test result, one of the following two things happened:
      1. Your timetableA2.sh script was missing in the root folder of your PA2.tar.
        In this case you will get a message in red color that indicates so.
      2. Your timetableA2.sh script does not produce any solution file when tested with my problem instance.
        Again, you will get a message in red color that indicates the error.

Things to Note:

  1. For the purpose of preliminary testing, your script will only be run for 30 seconds. Please make sure to print your initial/first solution to the solution file so that your code passes this test.
  2. Instead of turning in a submission archive called .[TAR or ZIP], we now require you to name your submission as "PA2.tar". This has been enforced in the Checkin system so the system will reject any submission file that is not named "PA2.tar". The assignment page (Links to an external site.) has been updated to reflect this change.
  3. We usually have linux server reboots on Fridays between 5-7 PM and occasionally on other days too. You will usually get an email that notifies you about this. I will have to restart the test server after any reboot. Your preliminary test result will be unavailable if the test server is not running. While I will try to restart the test server and make it available as soon as possible in case of reboots, please post here to let me and others know if you tried making a submission and did not see any preliminary test result even after waiting more than 2 minutes and making multiple attempts.
  4. I highly recommend that you log in to the Checkin just to be sure that you are able to access it.