The course requires a final research project. You are allowed to work individually. The main objective of the project should involve some software development: either to produce a new method and study it, or to compare existing methods in a sophisficated way. Your final project will be presented in the form of a paper and presentation. The presentation should be 50 mins with 10 minutes for discussion and questions. A demo of the software during the presentation is encouraged!

Students are expected to select and complete a course project according to the timetable in the syllabus. The project is worth a large portion of your grade so ensure that you start early and make enough progress early on so that you can any unforseen obstacles. I encourage you to please come talk to me about your projects, especially if you want to do a project that involves developing a new method. I will provide data for the projects if necessary.

The best projects can be submitted to a journal or conference so aim high, especially if you want to continue doing research in bioinformatics.

All written material should be in the Journal of Bioinformatics format. The template for the Journal of Bioinformatics report can be found here: here. Do not modify the template. There is both a Word and LaTex template.

The project proposal should be at least 2 pages. The related work section should be at least 3 pages. The final report should be at least 8 pages in the Journal of Bioinformatics format. This 8 pages does not include any figures or graphs. All figures should be put into Supplementary Information section of the report that follows immediately from the main report.

All reports should be sent via email to Christina Boucher via email by noon on the day it is due. Any report sent after this time will be given a final grade of zero.