This page lists the lecture materials and other reading materials. These materials are available in the Portable Document Format. We will update the contents periodically. If there is a "posted on" note against a handout, it means that the corresponding handout has been revised recently on that date. Check for new or updated slides at least once before coming to class. Links to the video recordings of the lectures will also be made available from this page sometimes before the next class period. When a homework assignment is posted, it will be also made available from this web page. You can also access the video recordings of the semester by accessing the Echo360 portal for the course here. It is also available through CANVAS. Individual recordings are ava ilable by the links given below (will appear by end of day of the specific on-campus class lecture).

Week 1 : 1/15-1/19
Lectures Basic security concepts; threats; vulnerabilities and risks
Handout 1
Videos Lecture on 01/16 | Lecture on 01/18
Assignments Assignment 1 - Due before class on CANVAS by Tuesday February 13 2018
Week 2 : 1/22-1/26
Lectures Basic security concepts (continued) | Authorization and Access Control - Access Control Matrix
Handout 1 | Handout 2
Videos Lecture on 01/23 | Lecture on 01/26
Week 3 : 1/29-2/02
Lectures Authorization and Access Control - Discretionary Access Control: Access Control Administration; Safety Problem; HRU and TAM Models
Handout 2 (continued) | Handout 3
Recent trends in DAC
Handout 3 (continued)
Mandatory Access Control; Bell LaPadula model for confidentiality
Handout 4
Videos Lecture on 01/30 | Lecture on 02/01
Week 4 : 2/05-2/09
Lectures Information Flow Control and Lattice Based Access Control Model
Handout 4 (continued)
Biba model: Mandatory access control for integrity; Security Requirements in Commercial Sector
Handout 5
Chinese Wall Policy and the Brewer-Nash Model
Handout 6
Videos Lecture on 02/06 | Lecture on 02/08
Week 5 : 2/12-2/16
Lectures Clark Wilson Model of Integrity: Principles of Separation of Duty and Least Privilege
Handout 7
Covert Channels
Handout 8
Videos Lecture on 02/13 | Project 1 Presentations
Week 6 : 2/19-2/23
Lectures Role Based Access Control and Attribute Based Access Control
Handout 9
Guest Lecture on Security of Heavy Vehicles
Handout 10
Videos Lecture on 2/20 | Lecture on 2/22
Week 7 : 2/26-3/02
Lectures Introduction to Cryptography
Handout 11
Secret Key Cryptosystem
Handout 12
Videos Lecture on 02/27 | Lecture on 03/01
Assignments Assignment 2 - Due before class on CANVAS by Tuesday March 20 2018
Week 8 : 3/05-3/09
Lectures Secret Key Cryptosystem (continued)
Handout 12
Key Escrow
Handout 13
Public Key Cryptography
Handout 14