CS 557: Advanced Networking and the Internet

Spring 2017

Class Location and Hours

  • Class Location: CS325
  • Class Meeting Times: Tue-Thu 11:00 - 12:15pm


  • CS 457 or permission of the instructor

Contact Information

  • Instructor: Christos Papadopoulos (christos@colostate.edu)
    • Office: CSB 362, Tel: 970-491-3267
    • Office hours: By appointment
    • IMPORTANT: I do not use CANVAS for this class.
  • TA: No TA has been assigned to the class at this time

Class Information

Can I take this class?

This is a question I get all the time. If you have taken cs457 and have a grade of B or better, then yes you can take it. If not, but you thing you know the material, then please go to http://www.cs.colostate.edu:~cs457 and look at the slides in the schedule. If the material is familiar to you, then ask yourself the question of how comfortable you are programming with C/C++. If you feel you are a competent programmer, then you can take this class.

      Announcement Board
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      Jan 25
       Please join the class mailing list at
      Feb 2
      All homework now has assignment and due dates. You are welcome to work on these early if you like. However, we want you to work on these on the DETER testbed. You will get an introduction on how to use the testbed on Feb 6.
      Feb 2
      Phase 1 of Project 1 is due on Monday, Feb 20 at midnight
      Feb 2
      Project 1 is also assigned. The complete project is due on Monday, March 27 at midnight.
      Feb 2
      Project 2 is due on Monday, May 1 at midnight. There will be an introduction to the NDN code in class, which you will need before you can do this project.