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Date Announcement
8/9/2017 Course website online
8/18/2017 Published course in Canvas
8/24/2017 Posted instructions for the review due on 8/28 - check the course's Canvas page
8/31/2017 The assigned readings for the week of 3/9 have been updated - make sure you review the right papers!
9/4/2017 Individualized feedback on paper reviews has been sent to each student on Canvas
9/10/2017 Class schedule has changed - make sure you check the schedule page
9/13/2017 First class project posted - check the project description page
9/22/2017 Second class project posted - check the project description page
10/3/2017 Example project description online: {PDF}
10/3/2017 Deadline for project description submission extended to 10/9/2017


Lorenzo De Carli, https://www.cs.colostate.edu/~ldecarli/

  • Office: CSB 360
  • Email: ldecarli AT colostate DOT edu

TA: Saptashwa Mitra (saptashwa DOT mitra AT colostate DOT edu)

Course Outline

This course covers a wide range of advanced topics in computer networks. Schedule and list of topics are available on the schedule page. A detailed syllabus is available on the syllabus page. Canvas is going to be used for assignments and grades. The Canvas page for this course is:


The Canvas page is only accessible to registered students and requires authentication.

Important: there is no separate lab. We are going to discuss assignments (reviews, class projects) during class hours.

Class Location and Meeting Times

  • Location: CSB 425
  • Meeting times: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12:30PM-1:45PM

Office Hours

By appointment.


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