Class activities will be recorded here.

This page has the entire plan for the semester. For weeks in the future, consider it a plan subject to change. For weeks in the past consider it a record of what we have done. As for the current week, keep a watch for updates and changes.

Consolidated Schedule, Spring 2015

The schedule below is tentative and will be tweaked as we go along in the semester. There are three main components (columns): Lectures (and the notes), weekly assignments, and readings. The video of the lectures is available here

Month Day Week Lecture Reading Assignment
Posted Due
Jan 20 Tue 1 Sanjay traveling, Prashant will review for HW0 on campus. Makeup class on Friday, Jan 30 2:00pm Ch 1 HW0 HW0
22 Thu Introduction, models of parallelism (slides, Dally's Keynote) Ch 2
27 Tue 2 Machine Models (slides)
29 Thu
30 Fri Roofline (slides by author; see also the first few slides here for motivation) CACM09
Feb 3 Tue 3 PRAM Model and Algorithms (slides) background CLR Ch30
5 Thu
10 Tue 4
12 Thu Interconnection Networks and Communication (slides) Ch 4 HW1 HW1
17 Tue 5
19 Thu
24 Tue 6 Speedup & Efficiency (slides)
Iso-efficiency and scalable parallel systems (slides)
Ch 5 HW1
26 Thu
Mar 3 Tue 7 Dynamic Programming: D&C DP Knapsack Notes HW2 HW2
5 Thu
10 Tue 8 Review & Mock midterm     study
12 Thu Midterm (due @ 9:30 am) & Post mortem (Sol1 and Sol2)
17 Tue 9 Spring break (no classes)
19 Thu
26 Thu 10 Note: lectures this week are on Thu and Fri (Sanjay travel)
Matrix multiplication (slides & MVM notes & MatMult notes)
Ch 8 HW3 HW3
27 Fri
31 Tue 11 Dense linear algebra: LU decomposition, Gaussian elimination (FSnotes, LUDnotes) TBD PR1
Apr 2 Thu
7 Tue 12 Advanced CUDA (slides, revised slides) TBD
9 Thu
14 Tue 13
16 Thu HW4 HW4
21 Tue 14 What's wrong with GPGPU & how to fix it (slides) GPGPU Done Right (TR)
23 Thu Communication Avoiding Matrix Multiplication (Langou slides) Lowery Thesis
28 Tue 15
30 Thu Graph Algorithms (APP) Ch 10
May 5 Tue 16
7 Thu Final Exam Review    
11 Mon 17 Final Project due (5:00 pm deadline) Report