Class activities will be recorded here.

Here is a record of what we are doing over the semester.

Week 1 : August 24 - August 30
  • Mon
    Reviewed expectations for the semseter and introduced ourselves and our respective research interests.
    Principal Angles Paper
    Rahul Dutta presented work from CSU on using Principal Angles between image sets taken under varying lighting to recongize people in the CMU PIE and Yale Databases
    Principal Angles Separate Subject Illumination Spaces in YDB and CMU-PIE
Week 2 : August 31 - September 6
  • Mon
    Labor Day
    Action Classification using Tensors and Grassman Manifolds
    Prady Kumar presented two papers coming out of CSU on classifying actions in video using techniques derived from Grassmannian Manifolds
Week 3 : September 7 - September 13
  • Mon
    Detecting Cyclone Centers
    Robert DeMaria will present to us work he is doing at the School of Atomspheric Science on detecting cyclonic storm centers from satellite imagery.
    Video Stabilization
    Rahul Dutta will present a recent paper on video stabilization along with observations associated with his own use and modification of the algorithms
    Auto-Directed Video Stabilization with Robust L1 Optimal Camera Paths
Week 4 : September 14 - September 20
Week 5 : September 21 - September 27
  • Mon
    Individual Student Meetings
    Meet one-on-one to discuss semester projects. Schedule to be worked out at previsous meeting
    Point-and-Shoot Face Recognition Challenge
    Ross Beveridge will present this work in preparation for a Poster Presentation at BTAS 2013 and then a talk at NIST
Week 6 : September 28 - October 4
  • Mon
    No class since Ross Beveridge is at BTAS
    Viterbi Algorithm
    Prady Kumar will be presenting the Viterbi Algorithm. He will make references available in class
    Here is a generic Wikipedia Overview
Week 7 : October 5 - October 11
  • Mon
    Exploring Social Network Constraints improving Face Recognition
    We will review the paper ""Propagation of Facial Identities in a Social Network"". This paper won a best paper award at BTAS 2103
    The OpenBR Project
    Ross Beveridge will present a recent BTAS Paper presenting the Open BR (Open Biometrics) Platform
    Open Source Biometric Recognition
Week 8 : October 12 - October 18
Week 9 : October 19 - October 25
Week 10 : October 26 - November 1
Week 11 : November 2 - November 8
Week 12 : November 9 - November 15
  • Mon
    One-on-one Meetings to Discuss Semseter Projects
    IARPA JANUS Program
    Introduction and overview to the JANUS Program
Week 13 : November 16 - November 22
  • Mon
    The R Language
    Ross Beveridge will present an interactive overview of R along a large scale example
    Teach Yourself R by Chuck Anderson
    Video Face Recognition
    Hao Zhange will be practicing his Research Exam Talk
Week 14 : November 23 - November 29
  • Mon
    Fall Break
    Fall Break
Week 15 : November 30 - December 6
Week 16 : December 7 - December 13
  • Mon
    Technical Writing Review
    Ross Beveridge will review some last minute thoughts on technical writing.
    Columbia Guidelines on Technical Writing
    Semester Project Presentations
    Semester Project Presentations
    Term Project Papers are due at 11:59PM