The presentation should satisfy the following guidelines:

  • Your talk should be 15-20 minutes long and therefore include only 7-10 slides.
  • The presentation should cover the same questions that are expected in paper reviews. In other words the presentation is NOT a summary of the paper, but rather, a review. Focusing on one aspect of the paper and elaborating that aspect with an example is a good approach.
  • Tell us what you are going to tell us and why we should care, tell us, and then conclude by summarizing the main points.
  • Plan a definite purpose for each slide. For each slide be able to answer the question, "Why am I showing the audience this slide?".
  • Do not put too much information on each slide. Use big fonts.
  • Make eye contact with your audience.
  • Do not read your slides.
  • Speak clearly, project, and practice aloud in advance.
Here is Simon Peyton Jones' site with more information on how to give a good research talk. Here are some example presentations: