To Run SES/Workbench

  1. Setup commands (these can be included in your .cshrc)
    1. source /s/chopin/e/proj/ses/Workbench_315_sun4SunOS5/sescsh
    2. setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE /s/chopin/e/proj/ses/admin_sun4SunOS5/license.dat
    3. Ensure that /usr/ccs/bin/ucbcc is invoked via cc command. You can ensure this by creating a link in your bin directory as follows: "ln -s /usr/ccs/bin/ucbcc cc".
  2. Invoking ses/workbench:
    1. /s/chopin/e/proj/ses/Workbench_315_sun4SunOS5/bin/sesdesign
    2. once the window comes up close the warning window.
  3. Trying Examples:
    1. copy examples from /s/chopin/e/proj/ses/Workbench_315_sun4SunOS5/examples to a local directory
    2. cd to that directory from within ses/workbench
          - select "change directory" option from the "Initial Catalog Menu"
    If you copied just one example say "mm1_queue" then perform the following steps to get the main module icon:
    1. Close the Initial Catalog Menu by clicking outside it
    2. Select the Draw tool from the Tool menu obtined by clicking on the icon in the top left corner
    3. Open the top catalog by clicking in the ses window
    4. Select the top icon with slanted "M" for main module and drag it to ses window.
    5. open main module icon with the open tool from the tool menu
    6. Click in the Name box and select one of the listed names
    Once you have the main module icon, then perform the following steps to compile and then to animate the model:
    1. Select the draw tool
    2. open the main module icon with draw tool by just clicking on it.
    3. select build and run option from the menu
    4. For Build target box select "Executable" and for Run Mode box select none
    5. once the model has been successfully compiled, again open the main module icon and select "none" for bild target box and "animate" for the run mode box.
If you need copy of SES/Worbench manual, please contact us.