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CT320: Network and System Administration

Fall 2013

Home Page

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This is the home page for CT320, Network and System Administration.
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All Done

Saturday December 21 6:51PM

Everything has been scored. Grades have been calculated and posted to the university. The letter grade that you see is the one that you will get.

Final Exam Curve

Saturday December 21 6:31PM

I have added ten points to each final exam score.

Silly Question

Thursday December 19 3:05PM

The first man in space was the Soviet Yuri Gargarin. Don’t confuse him with:

No Cheat Sheet

Tuesday December 17 11:08AM

No cheat sheet for the final exam.

No Extra Credit

Monday December 9 10:55AM

There will be no extra credit.

Project Presentations

Saturday December 7 8:16PM

See the schedule page to see when you are scheduled to do your presentation to the class.


Friday December 6 9:26AM

So far, only three groups have scheduled their presentation, and only two scheduled their demos.

Presentations: Presentations are in class, the week of December 9–13. Note that Friday is already full. If you don’t schedule your presentation by 5:00PM Friday Dec 6, I will pick a time for you.

Demos: Demos can be any time December 9–13 that we can work out.

Early Office Hours

Monday December 2 8:42AM

My office hours in the Linux Lab will be 2:00–4:00PM today, December 2nd.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday November 20 11:41AM

There will be no classes or office hours November 25–29.

Office Hours

Friday November 1 8:02PM

On Monday, November 4th, my 3:00–5:00PM office hours will be in my office, CSB 246.

Midterm Curve

Monday October 21 9:20AM

I have added seven points to each midterm score.

Midterm Results

Thursday October 17 8:26PM

Count: 27
Minimum Value: 61
Maximum Value: 91
Average: 74.41
Median: 72.00


Cheat Sheet

Saturday October 12 1:00PM

You may bring, to the midterm, a 8.5×11″ crib sheet that has only information related to shell scripting.

Midterm Review Available

Friday October 11 11:39AM

The Midterm Review is now available.

Assignment A2 Delayed

Sunday, September 15 1:39PM

Assignment A2 is delayed due to weather. It will be due at the end of Tuesday September 17th.

CSU Closed Friday September 13

Friday, September 13 8:17AM

No class today; CSU is closed. See for more information.

No Onions in CSB

Tuesday January 22 3:11PM

Please, no onions in the Computer Science Building, including the Linux Lab. One of our faculty has a severe allergy to them.

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