GECCO-99 Poster List

AA-004 Robert GHANEA-HERCOCK Divine T. Ndumu, Jaron Collis Distributed Genetic Programming With Mobile Agents
AA-006 MARKO GRONROOS   A Comparison of Some Methods for Evolving Neural Networks
AA-007 NOBUO SANNOMIYA Yajie Tian, Toru Yokokura A Simulation Study on Adaptive Behavior of Fish Schools under Environmental Variation
AA-009 HENNING S. MORTVEIT Christian M. Reidys, Stephen Kopp Sequential Dynamical Systems and Simulation
AA-013 WILLIAM SEFFENS David Digby Evolutionary Algorithm Analysis of the Biological Genetic Codes
AA-014 GEUM-BEOM SONG Sung-Bae Cho Adaptive Behavior of Incrementally Evolved Neural Networks based on Cellular Automata
AA-019 TONY WHITE Bernard Pagurek Application Oriented Routing with Biologically Inspired Agents
AA-021 BRIG KLYCE   In Real or Artificial Life, Is Evolutionary Progress in a Closed System Possible?
AA-022 JAE OH   Effects of "Physical Body" on Biased Opponent Selection in the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma Game
AA-034 PATRICIO LERENA Michele Courant Complexity in Mate Choice
AA-037 YONG-GUN JO Hoon Kang Evolutionary Cellular Automata for Optimal Path Planning of Mobile Robots
AA-040 ARLINDO SILVA Ana Neves, Ernesto Costa Genetically Programming Networks to Evolve Memory Mechanisms
AA-044 ADRIAN TRENAMAN   Further Investigations into the Evolution of Agents with Concurrent Genetic Programming
AA-047 YASUHIRO SUZUKI Hiroshi Tanaka Practical and Theoretical Investigation of a Collective work
AA-048 STEPHANE CALDERONI   Behavior-Based Control System in MultiAgent Domain
ES-206 MICHAEL BEST   Coevolving Mutualists Guide Simulated Evolution
ES-218 SVEN ANDERSON Bruce Maxwell Training Hidden Markov Models using Populaiton-Based Learning
ES-224 P.A. CASTILLO J.J. Merelo, J. Gonzalez, A. Prieto, V. Rivas, G. Romero G-Prop-III: Global Optimization of Multilayer Perceptrons using an Evolutionary Algorithm
ES-226 HSIEN-DA HUANG Jorng-Tzong Horng, Ming-Hui Jin An Evolution Strategy to Solve Sports Scheduling Problems
GA-302 GARY KOEHLER   Computing Simple GA Expected Waiting Times
GA-303 MARCO TOMASSINI Moshe Sipper, Mathieu Perrenoud, Mose Zolla Evolving High-Quality Random Number Generators
GA-305 TZUNG-PEI HONG Hong-Shung Wang, Wei-Chou Chen Simultaneously Applying Multiple Crossover and Mutation operators
GA-309 CAO LIJUAN Tay Eng Hock Francis, Yeong Wai Cheong, Lawrence Ma Classification of the Market States Using Neural Network
GA-316 NICOLAAS VRIEND   The Essential Difference between Individual and Population Learning Genetic Algorithms
GA-318 BRYANT JULSTROM   Tell Me Three Times: Encoding Redundancy May Not Be Harmful
GA-321 XAVIER LLORA I FABREGA Josep Maria Garrell i Guiu GENIFER: A Nearest Neighbour based Classifier System using GA
GA-323 VIVIAN SALIM   Genetic Algorithms in Road Investment Planning and Comparisons with Simulated Annealing and Heuristics
GA-325 WILLIAM EDELSON Michael L. Gargano Efficient Calculation of Compute-Intensive Fitness In Genetic Computations Using A Survival Indicator For Population Members
GA-327 J. KASCHEL Gunnar Kobernik, Bernd Meier, Tobias Teich Genetic Algorithm, Avoiding of Deadlocks and Gantt-Chart-Generation for the Job Shop Scheduling Problem
GA-337 SHAUN SAXON Alwyn Barry XCS and the Monk's Problems
GA-342 BART NAUDTS Adriaan Schippers A motivated definition of exploitation and exploration
GA-348 JOSHUA KNOWLES David Corne, Martin Oates A New Evolutionary Approach to the Degree Constrained Minimum Spanning Tree Problem
GA-350 GUNTHER RAIDL   An Evolutionary Approach to Point-Feature Label Placement
GA-353 KIYOSHI TANAKA Hernan E. Aguirre, Tatsuo Sugimura Cooperative Crossover and Mutation Operators in Genetic Algorithms
GA-355 A.J. BAGNALL G.D. Smith Using an Adaptive Agent to Bid in a Simplified Model of the UK Market in Electricity
GA-363 ALBERTO OCHOA RODRIGUEZ   Finding Wavelet Packet Bases with an Estimation Distribution Algorithm
GA-366 ROBERT CATTRAL Franz Oppacher Rule Acquisition with a Genetic Algorithm
GA-377 ERICK CANTU-PAZ   Migration Policies and Takeover Times in Parallel Genetic Algorithhms
GA-386 MARK COLETTI Craig Mandsager, Rida Moustafa, Tom Lash, Ryszard Michalski Comparing Performance of the Learnable Evolution Model and Genetic Algorithms Applied to Digital Signal Filters
GA-387 FERNANDO NINO German Hernandez, Dipankar Dasgupta Evolutionary Design of a Probablilistic Recurrent Neural Network that Approximates Dynamical Systems
GA-389 JOHN HOLMES   Evaluating Learning Classifier System Performance in Two Choice Decision Tasks an LCS Metric Toolkit
GA-391 JESUS AGUILAR Jose Riquelme, Miguel Toro Three Geometric Approaches for Representing Decision Rules in a Supervised Learning System
GA-393 SOTARO SHIMADA Yuichiro Anzai Fast and Robust Convergence of Chained Classifiers by Generating Operons through Niche Formation
GA-395 TREVOR COLLINS   A Critique of Search Space Visualization Techniques
GA-398 J.J. COLLINS Conor Ryan Non-stationary Function Optimisation using Polygenic inheritance
GA-399 J.J. COLLINS Lucia Sheehan, Conor Casey Genetic Planner for Mobile Robot Navigation System
GA-800 CARLOS COTTA-PORRAS Enrique Alba, Jose M. Troya Improving the Scalability of Dynastically Optimal Forma Recombination by Tuning Representation Granularity
GA-801 RICHARD STEWART Paul Rosin Using Voronoi dissections to guide neural network construction
GA-803 FABIO ABBATTISTA Mario Koppen Scout Algorithms and Genetic Algorithms: A Comparative Study
GA-805 EDWARD KEEDWELL Ajit Narayanan, Dragan Savic Using genetic algorithms to extract rules from trained neural networks
GA-808 ENRIQUE ALBA Carlos Cotta, Jose M. Troya Entropic and Real-Time Analysis of the Search with Panmictic, Structured, and Parallel Distributed Genetic Algorithms
GA-824 HUGO TERASHIMA-MARIN Peter Ross, Manuel Valenzuela-Rendon Clique-Based Crossover for Solving the Timetabling Problem with GAs
GA-834 HIROKAZU WATABE Tsukasa Kawaoka Solving Combinatorial Optimization Problems with Multi-Step Genetic Algorithms
GA-835 MOHAMED ZAHRAN Ashraf H Abdel Wahab, Samir I Shaheen Adaptive Genetic Algorithm for Multiprocessor Scheduling
GA-839 FRANCINE FEDERMAN Gayle Sparkman, Stephanie Watt Representation of Music in a Learning Classifier System Utilizing Bach Chorales
GA-840 ALEX S. FUKUNAGA   Portfolios of Genetic Algorithms
GA-844 NAOKI MORI Hajime Kita The Entropy Evaluation Method for the Therodynamical Selection Rule
GA-851 JENS GOTTLIEB   Evolutionary Algorithms for Multidimensional Knapsack Problems: the Relevance of the Boundary of the Feasible Region
GA-859 CHIKARA MAEZAWA Masayasu Atsumi Collaborative Learning Agents with Structural Classifier Systems
GA-862 ALEXANDRU AGAPIE   Genetic Algorithms as Random Sytems with Complete Connections
GA-869 SOURAV KUNDU   Complexity Engineering, Evolution and Optimality of Structures
GA-880 ALEXIS GUIGUE Sofiane Oussedik, Daniel Delahaye Sequencing Aircraft Landings by Genetic Algorithms
GA-886 DAVID OPITZ   An Evolutionary Approach to Feature Set Selection
GA-889 A. PETROWSKI S. Ben Hamida A logarithmic mutation operator to solve constrained optimization problems
GA-891 RICCARDO POLI   The Revenge of the Schema Theorem: Steps Toward a Schema-based Proof of GA Convergence
GA-895 RIDA MOUSTAFA Kenneth A. De Jong, Edward J. Wegman Applying Genetic Algorithm for Adaptive Function Approximations and Mesh Generation
GP-408 BRIAN ROSS   Logic-based Genetic Programming with Definite Clause Translation Grammars
GP-409 NIKOLAI NIKOLAEV Hitoshi Iba Regularization Approach to Inductive Genetic Programming
GP-418 BRAD HARVEY James A. Foster, Deborah Frincke Towards Byte Code Genetic Programming
GP-423 FUEY SIAN CHONG   Java based Distributed Genetic Programming on the Internet
GP-424 DAVID CORNEY Ian Parmee N-Dimensional Surface Mapping Using Genetic Programming
GP-431 JAMES BALDWIN Trevor P. Martin, James G. Shanahan Constructive Induction of Fuzzy Cartesian Granule Feature Models using Genetic Programming
GP-435 EDGAR E. VALLEJO Fernando Ramos Result-Sharing: A Framework For Cooperation in Genetic Programming
GP-439 PETER NORDIN Markus Brameier, Frank Hoffmann, Wolfgang Banzhaf, Frank D. Francone Parallel Machine Code Genetic Programming
GP-448 C. DIMOPOULOS A.M.S. Zalzala Evolving Scheduling Policies through a Genetic Programming Framework
GP-449 TATIANA KALGANOVA Julian F. Miller, Terence C. Fogarty Evolution of the Digital Circuits with Variable Layouts
GP-452 G.N. BELIGIANNIS E.N. Demiris, S.D. Likothanassis Evolutionary Multimodel Partitioning Filters for Nonlinear Systems
GP-462 MATTHEW EVETT Taghi Khoshgoftaar, Pei-der Chien, Edward Allen Modelling software quality with GP
GP-464 HUGO DE GARIS M. Korkin, F. Gers, N.E. Nawa, M. Hough CAM-BRAIN ATR's Artificial Brain Project, An Overview
MP-601 GABRIELLA KOKAI Zoltan Toth, Robert Vanyi Generic Evolution Algorithms Programming Library
RW-701 RALF SCHLEIFFER Hans-Jurgen Sebastian A Fuzzy Neighborhood Based Genetic Algorithm in Fuzzy Engineering Design
RW-702 CHARLES L. KARR Ken Borgelt Modeling A Grinding Circuit Using Genetic Programming
RW-703 CHARLES L. KARR Barry Weck Solutions to Systems of Nonlinear Equations Via Genetic Algorithm
RW-707 HITOSHI IIMA Nobuo Sannomiya Genetic Algorithm for a Large-Scale Scheduling Problem in an Electric Wire Production Process
RW-708 Y. LI K.F. Man, K.S. Tang Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm for Rolling-Horizon Production Planning
RW-710 SHIGERU OBAYASHI Daisuke Sasaki, Yukihiro Takeguchi Evolutionary Computation of Supersonic Wing Shape Optimization
RW-717 R. DUPAS G. Cavory, G. Goncalves Real World Application Optimising the Throughput of a Manufacturing Production Line Using a Genetic Algorithm
RW-737 GUY HELMER Johnny Wong, Vasant Honavar, Les Miller Feature Selection Using a Genetic Algorithm for Intrusion Detection
RW-738 JIHOON YANG Asok Tiyyagura, Fajun Chen, Vasant Honavar Feature Subset Selection for Rule Induction Using RIPPER
RW-740 LINO COSTA Pedro Oliveira GAs in Global Optimazation of Mixed Integer Non-Linear Problems
RW-742 GUSTAVO OLAGUE   Analysis of Genetic Algorithms Convergence Applied to Mensuration Problems in Computer Vision
RW-743 CARLOS FERNANDES Joao Paulo Caldeira, Fernando Melicio, Agostinho Rosa Evolutionary Algorithm for School Timetabling
RW-745 MARK A. PORTER Mark J. Willis, Gary A. Montague Modelling Antibiotic Production using Standard and Seuqential Hybridised Symbolic Annealing
RW-746 MARK HINCHLIFFE Mark Willis, Ming Tham Dynamic Chemical Process Modelling Using a Multiple Basis Function Genetic Programming Algorithm
RW-749 JOO-YOUNG LEE Sung-Bae Cho Incorporating Human Preference into Content-based Image Retrieval Using Interactive Genetic Algorithm
RW-750 CHARLES SMITH   An Application of Genetic programming to Investment System Optimization
RW-751 ALEJANDRO PAZOS Julian Dorado, Antonino Santos, Juan Ramon Rabunal Optimization of GA Parameters to train recurrent ANN through weight adjustment and selection of activation functions
RW-752 ALEJANDRO PAZOS A. Santos del Riego, Julian Dorado, J.J. Romero Cardalda Adaptative Aspects of Rythmic Composition: Genetic Music
RW-754 WILLIAM H. HSU William H. Pottenger, Michael Welge, Jie Wu, Ting-Hao Yang Genetic Algorithms for Attribute Synthesis in Large-Scale Data Mining
RW-757 ILKKA KRANTA Topi Mikkola, Catherine Bounsayhip, Olli Jokinen, Juha Savola Solving Wood Collection Problem using Genetic Algorithms
RW-758 S.D. HARRIS R. Mustata, L. Elliott, D.B. Ingham, D. Lesnic Parameter Identification Within Rocks Using Genetic Algorithms
RW-759 S.D HARRIS L. Elliott, D.B. Ingham, M Pourkashanian, C.W Wilson The Retrieval of Chemical Reaction Rates Using Genetic Algorithms
RW-768 CRAIG ELDERSHAW Stephen Cameron Motion planning using GAs
RW-770 HARTMUT POHLHEIM Joachim Wagener Testing the Temporal Behavior of Real-Time Software Modules using Extended Evolutionary Algorithms
RW-776 WEN-YANG LIN   Improving Parallel Ordering of Sparse Matrices using Genetic Algorithms
RW-778 A. SPALANZANI H. Kabre, S.A. Selouani Evolutionary Algorithms for Optimizing Speech Data Projection
RW-781 LISA DESJARLAIS Mohammad-R. Akbarzadeh-T., Craig W. Wright Control System Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms within the SoftLab Toolkit
RW-782 ANGELA GUIMARAES PEREIRA   Road Design by Evolutionary Modelling of Routes

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