GECCO-2000 VCR Request Form

All technical session rooms will have as standard equipment (1) overhead projector, (1) screen and sound equipment as dictated by room size. Presenters who require a VCR and Monitor must order equipment directly from AAAI by May 1, 2000. Due to budget restrictions, we are UNNABLE to provide LCD Projectors or computer hardware (beamers, data projectors, panels, powerpoint, etc.). Please note: it is not necessary to return this form if you will not be using a VCR for your presentation.




I would like a VCR and Monitor provided for your presentation.

I require a VHS VCR ________

I require a PAL VCR (European) __________

Please return this form to
or by fax to 650-321-4457 by May 1, 2000.