Call for Papers

The goal of this workshop is to look at issues related to model-driven development. Discussions in the workshop will address questions such as the following: What is model-driven development? How effective is it? What is a model-driven architecture (MDA) architecture? How can models be used to support agile development of systems?

Topics and Motivation

"Extreme Programming", "Agile Modeling", "Model-driven software development", "Model-driven architectures", "Agile Development", "OMGs MDA". These catch-phrases are currently the topic of much discussion in the software development world.

Some software methodologists say that modeling should drive the whole process. Some say modeling should be only done informally, and that models should not be kept for future use (i.e., that they are temporary artifacts produced during development). How useful is modeling? When should it be done? Can modeling be demonstrated to provide business value? Can architectures be developed using "agile" or XP approaches? What makes an approach agile, and what makes agile approaches advantageous? Can model-driven approaches be agile? Can we quantify the benefits of agile approaches?

These are all questions currently receiving a lot of attention in the software development world. This workshop solicits papers on any of these, or related topics, especially papers integrating agile approaches and model-driven development, and papers showing empirical support for these approaches. Papers focusing on the integration (or lack of ability to integrate) of agile and model-driven approaches fits well within the OOIS conference theme, "Information System Integration."

Relevant topics include, but are not limited to:
Issues in model-driven development
OMG's Model-Driven Architecture (MDA)
The value of models (e.g., business models, enterprise
architectures, requirements and design models)
Modeling techniques and notations relevant to IS development
Assumptions underlying model-driven development
The compatibility (or tension) between agile and model-driven development
Business value of modeling
Empirical validation of the value of modeling, especially
using the OMG's UML and MDA
Empirical support for the effectiveness of model-driven 
and agile development approaches
Empirical validation of the benefits of Agile development
 (XP, Scrum, etc.)


This workshop is intended for researchers and practitioners who are interested in model-driven development and architectures, how to better build and use them, what form(s) they take, and their value. It is assumed that participants are familiar with basic concepts and issues in the domain of model-driven development.

Last updated 2/04/02