I am teaching CS320, Algorithms Theory and Practice, an introductory algorithms class, this semester, fall 2017.

I taught CS464, Introduction to Human Computer Interaction in the spring semester 2017. I will teach this class again in the spring semester, 2018.

I continued collaboration with Sudipto Ghosh in CS314, fall 2017.

I collaborated with Jim Bieman in CS314, spring 2016, to add more flipped classroom units as Design Studios that are integrated with upcoming assignments, and to integrate selected Agile practices into the class.

I collaborated with Sudipto Ghosh in CS314, fall 2015, to add 3 flipped classroom and active learning activities.

I was a member of the teaching team for CS314 (Software Development Methods), fall 2013 and spring 2014, taught by Robert France.

I was the distance instructor for CS517 (Software Specification and Design) from 2009-2011, taught by Robert France on campus.