CS314: Individual Assignment 1
Software Safety

Assigned: Aug 26, 2014
Due: Sep 4, 2014 (beginning of class)
25 points

In class we discussed some examples of disasters and project failures that were caused by "poor" software engineering practices. The goal of this homework is to have you investigate one of them in detail.

Write a report containing the following information:

Your report must contain at least 2 pages but not more than 3 pages. Use 11 pt font size, single-spacing, and 1'' margins at the top, bottom, left, and right. The title must reflect the name of the disaster. Put your name as the author. Print a copy and submit the report at the beginning of class on Sep 4, 2014. Do NOT use RamCT to submit the assignment.

Here are some references to get you started. Feel free to choose other topics and/or references.