Activity Modeling

PART A DUE: 11:59PM, Friday 9 February 2018

PART B DUE: 11:59PM, Sunday 11 February 2018

10 points

Goal: This Discussion Assignment asks you to practice concepts related to Activity Modeling.

Problem Statement:

Apply the UML activity diagram notations to model something from real life.


Each team member models how how you worked on discussion assignment D2, including the individual parts and the group part. Also comment on at least one other person's models.

Discuss this with the other members of your topic forum.

Part A (4 points)

Part A consists of your initial model posted to the discussion group "D3".

Part B (2 + 4 = 6 points)

In the discussion group "D3", comment on at least one other person's model. (2 points).
This must be more than "Me, too!" or "Sounds good!"

Be sure to clearly state the reasons or rationale behind your suggestions.
If you have access to facts or other opinions that support your opinion, cite those references.

In the discussion group "D3", prepare the final group posting that includes the key points of your discussion, including the similarities and differences that you noted between the models. You may describe areas where you are in agreement and those where you are not. There is no need to post a unified model.

If you include quotation or thoughts from other sources, be sure to cite them appropriately (author, title, publisher, page, etc.).
You may use HTML within these messages.