Middleware Transparent Software Development


Sudipto Ghosh, Email: ghosh .At. cs.colostate.edu
Robert B. France Email: france .At. cs.colostate.edu

Current Students: Devon Simmonds (Ph.D.)

Past Students: Brahmila Kamalakar (MS), Gagan Tandon (MS), Peter Vile (MCS)

Visitors: Arnor Solberg


The rapid growth and evolution of middleware technology present significant challenges to software development organizations. A major contributing factor to the complexity of creating and evolving distributed systems is the tangling of pervasive middleware-specific functionality with core business functionality in system designs. Changing middleware functionality that is entangled with business functionality can lead to costly and risky rearchitecting of the system or extensive redesign of parts of the system.

This project will produce an innovative middleware-transparent development approach, in which designs and implementations of distributed systems are developed with no consideration of the middleware technology upon which it will be deployed. To obtain a deployable system the middleware-transparent design is composed with design artifacts that describe middleware-specific features. Middleware-specific features include abstractions for remote object connectivity as well as dependability features such as security and fault tolerance. The middleware-transparent approach thus supports separation of business-specific and middleware-specific concerns.

The hypothesis of the research is that development approaches that support separation of middleware and business-specific concerns enable decoupling of the evolution of a system's middleware from evolution of its business-specific functionality. We will use an aspect-oriented software development (AOSD) approach in which business-specific features are described by a primary design and middleware-specific features are described by aspects. The aspects can be obtained by instantiating independently developed design artifacts that provide generic descriptions of middleware features. These generic design artifacts can be provided by middleware technology suppliers. A full design of a distributed system is synthesized by composing a primary design with middleware aspects.

The research will produce techniques for:

  1. Expressing technology-specific middleware features generically in design artifacts called generic aspects
  2. Instantiating generic aspects in an application context to obtain aspects that describe middleware features that are specific to the application
  3. Synthesizing a design by composing primary designs and aspects
  4. Analyzing the composed model to identify conflicts, undesirable emergent behaviors and other design deficiencies.



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