Kegan Strawn

Colorado State University

Distributed Systems, Multi-Robot Systems, and IoT Research

Quick Bio

- Colorado State University
- Computer Science
- Math
- 4.0
Research Experience:
- Distributed Systems, Robotics, Autonomous Systems, IoT
- Working with Professor Shrideep Pallickara on VitalHome.
- Part of the Robotics and Autonomous Systems REU at the University of Southern California working on multi-robot movement.
President of:
- Autonomous Networked Technologies (2018-Present)
- ACM (2017-2018)

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About Me

Research Goals
I am fascinated with how autonomous networks of active agents can work together to achieve tasks and provide solutions to problems that would otherwise be difficult, slow, or impossible by individuals. I enjoy interdisciplinary research and collaborating with a diverse team on applied research projects.

I have been leading the IoT smart home (VitalHome) research project in the Distributed Systems Research Group at Colorado State University and over the past summer I worked on multi-robot movement and localization in the Autonomous Networks Research Group at the University of Southern California.

Teaching Goals
I am passionate about outreach and teaching computer science and math to students that don't necessarily see themselves as "STEM" people or do not have access to it. I was an instructor for Math in Action in Computer Science (MACS), which was a summer camp for at-risk middle school students from Cortez, Colorado.

I am also helping build a senior level undergraduate course on blockchain here at CSU with Professor Joseph Gersch.

Outside of Academia

I am passionate about civic engagement and through my time in the Presidents Leadership Program I grew passionate about working towards positive social change from a scientific background.

I believe a healthy life outside of research and classes will help productivity inside of academia. In my free time I enjoy getting outside for a hike or a run, training at a boxing gym, and reading/writing.