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Kegan Strawn

Software Engineer
Computer Science & Math
GPA: 4.0

Relevant Experience:

Distributed Systems Research Group
Undergraduate Research Assistant
- Fort Collins, CO
- Summer 2017 - Present
- Smart house/vital sign monitoring project.
- Patient interacts through a Google Home, Smart Watch, and a Web App.
- Data collected by multiple sensors (air quality, blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, motion sensors to track movement, a FitBit, and more).
- Most code written in Python and Go.

Software Engineering Intern
- Fort Collins, CO
- Winter, Spring, and Summer of Sophomore Year.
- Worked as a full stack developer on the Peak web application.
- Mainly used PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript.
- 15+ year old web application with over 40 thousand lines of code and working with a team of 14 other developers.

Math in Action in Computer Science (MACS)
- Colorado State University
- Summer 2017
- Taught a class of middle schoolers topics ranging from computer hardware, to programming in python, to fibonacci, and even a k-means clustering algorithm.
- Created lessons and taught through lectures and labs.
- Funded by the National Science Foundation.
- Link to site here.


- Java (Advanced)
- Python (Intermediate)
- C++ (Intermediate)
- C (In class)
- Golang (Beginner)

- MySQL and PostgreSQL (4+ projects and at work)
- Flask (1 large project)
- Ruby on Rails (3+ projects)
- Unity (1 project)
- Laravel (1 project)


Current Year: Junior
Graduating: Spring 2019
GPA: 4.0


Colorado State University:
- Major: Computer Science
- Minor: Math

Deans List Student:

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM):
- President (2017 - 2018)
- Secretary & Web Developer (2016 - 2017)
- Member (2015 - Present)
- As President, my officers and I increased the average attendance from 15 students last year to 60 this year.
- Created the side project initiative to get students working together on projects outside of class.
- Designed and built the club's website.
- Link to site here.

Game Developers Association:
- Co-founder of CSU's chapter
- Developing website for GDA-CSU
- Link to site (coming soon)

President's Leadership Program:
- Accepted into the program, PLP consisted of classes that focused on development as a leader, working towards social change, and community service.


Working with Professor Pallickara on a smart home to monitor vital signs within the house.
Link to project (coming soon).

Classes Currently Taking:

Distributed Systems (CS455)
Systems Security (CS356)
Genetics (SOCR330)
Research (CS498)

Technical Classes Taken:

Computer Networks and the Internet (CS457)
Software Engineering (CS314)
Combinatorial Theory (MATH301)
Algorithms Theory & Practice (CS320)
Operating Systems (CS370)
Software Development with C++ (CS253)
Computer Organization (CS270)
Algorithms and Data Structures (CS200)
Linear Algebra (MATH369)
Object Oriented Problem Solving (CS161)
Introduction to Programming (CS160)


SafeDrop Project Logo

Embedded System
SafeDrop Box
- Working with two other developers to build a web app controlled security box.
- Built the web interface and managed the server set-up and communication with sensors.
- Box senses package, tracks weight, and notifies user of current state.
- User can lock/unlock the box and compare weight/time to tracking data.
- Used Python, Flask, and a Raspberry Pi.
- Site link here.

Kohord Project Logo

Social Network
- Ruby on Rails web development.
- Solo project built alongside my freshman year.
- Proud of the live chat room, forum, and admin controls.
- Site link here.

Unity Engine Logo

2D Game
South Park Fan Game
- Built a small turn base, rogue-like game where the player is the character Kenny and tries to maintain their energy level while running away from enemies and breaking walls/items in their way.
- First time using Unity and C#.
- Site link (coming soon).

Front Range Healthy Vending Logo

Business Website
Front Range Healthy Vending
- Ruby on Rails web development.
- Proud of the contact form and learned a lot about CSS and working with a customer.
- Site link here.

ACM Logo

Club Website
- Rebuilt the ACM website to be more visually appealing.
- Focused on writing code that could be easily maintained by new students in the future, hence it was mostly HTML/CSS.
- Site link here.

International Game Developers Association Logo

Club Website
Game Developers Association
- Built the website for CSU's new chapter.
- Used Python & Django.
- User profiles, project profiles, and more so members can show off their game development.
- Site link (coming soon).

Personal Website
This website
- First designed in Gimp (like photoshop), then developed from the design.
- Simple and clean HTML/CSS/JavaScript
- Site link here.

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