Project Description

TeleScope is the scalable XML message stream broker and replicator written in C. Its main purpose is to be an efficient XML transport broker. It features XML parsing and filtering module with Domain Specific Language (DSL) that has a set of standard logical operators that allows to construct relatively complex filtering query expressions. The platform features the publish-subscribe architecture and is capable of serving a large number of concurrent XML stream subscribers. TeleScope provides the remote CLI interface to control its runtime operation. It also provides runtime statistics via a separate status port. It is able to filter individual XML messages at the level of elements and attributes in vast continuous stream of XML messages generated by the publisher. That could be a feed from sensors, service log files converted into XML, stock quotes, or for that matter, any info, provided that it is in valid XML format. TeleScope can in real time select, save and forward messages that correspond to the specified filtering query. The system is also able to distribute the filtering computation across a network of broker nodes and form XML overlays with various topologies.