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Kushagra Tiwary (Kush)
Graduate Student and Instructor for CS163
Department Of Computer Science
Colorado State University
Office: CSB 368, Desk 1 (3rd floor)
Office Hours: Wednesdays 5-7 PM & Fridays 12-2 PM @ CSB120 lab
Email: kushagra AT colostate DOT edu
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Welcome to my homepage!

I am a graduate student from Calcutta, India, pursuing my PhD degree in Computer Science at the Department of Computer Science, Colorado State University. I got my Masters in Computer Science at CSU in Spring 2017. I graduated from SRM University at Chennai, India, with my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering, in Spring '13.

I'm working under the guidance of Dr. Indrajit Ray for my PhD.

I worked with late Dr. Adele Howe while pursuing my Masters degree. I remain highly indebted to her for her guidance, help and mentorship.

In Fall '18, I'm working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for Network and System Administration (CT320).

My research interests include Planning in AI, Intrusion Detection in Computer Security, Information Retrieval, Genetic Algorithms, Data Mining and Machine Learning.

My coursework at CSU comprises:

  1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (CS440)
  2. Machine Learning (CS545)
  3. Artificial Intelligence (CS540)
  4. Software Specification and Design (CS517)
  5. Design and Data Analysis for Researchers (STAT511)
  6. Big Data (CS581A1)
  7. Research Seminar in Computer Science (CS793)
  8. Software Testing and Analysis (CS580A5)
  9. Software Product and Process Evaluation (CS514)
  10. Computer Security (CS556)
  11. Research Seminar (CS793)

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