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Albert Lionelle
Academic Success Coordinator
Computer Science


Below are some areas of interest to me.

Alternative Teaching Methods

As a school board member, teacher and principal, I developed a love for alternative teaching methods, including redesigning an alternative school, Horizons Exploratory Academy. Within this area, there are some major areas I continue researching on a regular basis.

  • Blended Learning Systems (part online - part in person)
  • Flipped Classroom Models
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Student Directed / Independant Studies
  • Alternative grading methods
  • Advising programs
  • School community and cohort groupings

Learning Analytics

Learning analytics is the combination of education and machine learning. Naturally, I find the field interesting, especially predicting interventions for students.

Classical Education and Beauty

At HEA, I taught a short class on beauty and the history of education. Both topics are linked together, and I often feel a classical understanding of beauty is missing in our educational system. Beauty is an indicator of truth, and without it, truth becomes difficult to understand.