Fault Tolerant Computing

Term Project


Your term project can comprise of


  1. a thorough survey of a topic, with original insight
  2. a development of a new scheme, or a fresh implementation of an existing scheme
  3. or modeling and analysis of an existing scheme.


You must demonstrate that you know how to research, are current in the chosen topic, have developed significant expertise in it and can communicate effectively about your work.


Documents needed:


  1. Proposal
  2. Progress report
  3. Final report


Proposal (1-2 pages): It should include the Project title, your name and email addresses, one paragraph abstract, motivation, proposed approach and applicable references (must be in standard IEEE format). Also include a list of top journals (minimum 3), top conferences (minimum 3), and names of the top organizations/research-groups (minimum 3) in that field, along with all related urls.


Progress report (3-5 pages): It should indicate that you have finished at least half of the work. It should include a summary of the findings, any refinements of the objectives as a result of the past study, what the final report will contain and the applicable references. A five-minute oral presentation may be required.


Final report (8-10 pages, electronic and hardcopy): It should follow the format for IEEE conference papers. It should include the title, name of the author(s), name of the class and professor, (i) an abstract, (ii) introduction (modification, background and related work, objectives and methods), (iii) description of assumptions/schemes/models/problem-formulation, (iv) comparison/discussion/derivation etc of the results, (v) conclusions (findings and suggestions for improvements) and (vi) references. Use appendixes for details like raw data, listings etc., if needed. Report must include appropriate figures and must have some hard data (tables/plots/screen-shots etc). A 20-minute oral presentation may be required. A useful guide for writing papers can be found at: http://www.cs.colostate.edu/~malaiya/writingguide.pdf


Topics: The topics must be closely related to the course objectives. I will provide a list of suggested topics. Here is a preliminary list of topics.


Evaluation: Among the factors that will be used for evaluation are: significance and originality, thoroughness of research, depth of understanding displayed and presentation.