BhartR^ihari wrote Shataka-tryam (300 verses) divided into:

There are many legends about BhartR^ihari. He is said to be the brother of king Vikrama. According to I-ching who visited India in 671-695, he was a grammarian who could not decide between secular life and the life of a Buddhist monk. Some scholars pace him in the sixth century.

The following are from Niiti-shatakam.

aGYaH sukhamaaraadhyaH, sukhataramaaraadhyate visheshhaGYaH.
GYaanalavadurvidagdhaM, brahmaa.api naraM na ra.njayati..

An ignorent man is easily pleased, learned man even easier,
but a man distorted by little knowledge, even Brahma can not please.

yeshhaaM na vidyaa na tapo na daanaM,
GYaanaM na shiilaM na guNo na dharmaH.
te mR^Ityuloke bhuvi bhaarabhuutaa,
manushhyaruupeNa mR^Igaashcharanti..

Those without learning, tapa or charity
knowledge, shila, qualities or dharma
they burden the mortal world
animals wandering disguised as men.

jayanti te sukR^Itino rasasiddhaaH kaviishvaraaH.
naasti yeshhaaM yashaH kaaye jaraamaraNajaM bhayam.h ..

Victorius are the masters, the rasa-siddha poets
Whose body of fame has no fear of age or death.

Let us now take a look at the shR^IngAra-shatakam, the 100 verses on passion. shR^IngAra is one of the major themes in Sanskrit poetry.

I include 3 of the verses here.

tAvad-eva kR^ItinAm-api sphuratI
eshha nirmala-viveka-dIpakaH 
yAvad-eva na kuranga-chakshhushhAm
tADyate chaTula-lochan-anchalaiH

For only so long shines the learneds'
this light of clean conscience,
Until not hit by doe-eyed one's
wandering corners of the eye.

`The Passage of Time' by BhartRhari (translation by Mohana Rao). "yatraAnekah: kvacidapi gRhe tatra tiSTaty athaiko yatrApy ekas tadanu bahavas tatra naiko2pi cAnte ittham naiyau rajanidivasau lolayan dvAv ivAkSau kAlah: kalyo bhuvanaphalake krIDati prANisAraih:" "In a certain house, where there were once many, there is one now; Where there were many, at the end none remains! With night and day as two alternating pieces of dice, On the chessboard of the world, Time plays with living beings as pawns." "Adityasya gatAgatair aharahah: saMkSIyate jIvitaM vyAparair bahukAryabhAragurubhih: kAlo na vijnAyate dRSTvA janmajarAvipattimaraNaM trAsas' ca notpadyate pItvA mohamayIM pramAdamadirAm unmattabhUtAM jagat" "With the endless cycle of sunrise and sunset, life shortens; Engrossed in mundane tasks, man fails to notice the passage of time! Nor anxiety is felt at witnessing birth, advance of years, suffering and finally death; Oh, the world becomes intoxicated after drinking the wine of delusion!"

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