Course Schedule

Planning Your Courses

Download The Course Planning Excel Spreadsheet

A typical Ph.D. student will spend approximately two years in coursework. During this time, the student is often funded as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA). After the two years of course work, the student is often funded as a Graduate Research Assistant (GRA). Also during these initial two years, a Ph.D. student will typically obtain the MCS degree in route to the Ph.D.

Note Well: Ph.D. students are expected to complete all coursework (with the possible exception of one 600 level course) in two years. Students must pass the research exam by the end of year 3. Students should expect to pass the preliminary exam at the end of year 4 and pass the final defense at the end of year 5. Students who meet these requirements may be covered by a 5 year funding guarantee. Conversely, students failing to meet these milestones typically will not be considered for funding.

If Dr. Massey is your advisor, you must complete the Course Planning Excel Spreadsheet and submit it by the second week of class.

MS/MCS students should follow the same course plan as Ph.D. Students. Complete the spreadsheet but do not fill in any research credits (CS 696, CS 699, CS 799). These research credits do not count toward the MCS.