The department aims to fund all graduate students making good progress toward a doctorate (Ph.D.). There is also some funding available for students working on masters degrees (M.S./M.C.S). Typically students aren initially funded as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) and later become a Graduate Research Assistant (GRA).

Ideally a student starts as a GTA and assists with teaching a course. This can include teaching recitation sections, grading homeworks and projects, and answering student questions.

By the end of their second year, students should be actively engaged in research and should move from a GTA position to GRA position around their third year. Follow this link for more information on how to Get Involved In Research.

It is very important to understand that research projects provide funding for a student to work as a GRA. The GRA position is tied to the specific research project and the student is paid to help achieve the project objectives. It is very important to make sure your GRA work is contributing to the project objectives.

GTA and GRA positions are required to work 20 hous per week in both fall and spring semesters. A GRA is expected to continue over the summer. A GRA is typically required to work 40 hours per week over the summer.

GTA and GRA positions cover tuition and provide a monthly stipend. The amount is set by the CS Department and depends on progress toward your degree. For example, a student who has passed the preliminary exam is paid more than a new student who is taking courses.