I am currently a program manager for the Cyber Security Division, U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Information on my current programs can be found at on DHS Cyber Security Division Overview

While I was at Colorado State University, my research interests focused on the security and robustness of large-scale network infrastructure, including both enhancements to current architectures and the development of new network architectures. I am the author of over 75 peer reviewed publications and my work is funded primarily by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Homeland Security, with previous funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and other sources.

Some of projects included:

  • Routing Security - Work on Internet routing security focused on an approach called ROVER . This joint with Secure 64 as well as Century Link and Level 3 . This is industry funded work that also leverages related efforts from NSF and DHS funded projects and is an outcome of a private meeting on routing security, held in conjuction with IETF 81 (July 2011). Early publications appeared at SATIN (2012) and additional papers are in preparation. The work was presented to the European, North American, and Australia network operations communities [ RIPE (April 2012). NANOG (June 2012). AUSNOG (September 2012) .] For more information, see ROVER
  • Information Centric Networks - this NSF Future Internet Architecture project proposed a new network architecture centered around content. In other words, the core network infrastructure is focused toward what content a consumer seeks, as opposed to today's IP architecture that fouses on where data is located. The Named Data Networking (NDN) Project is joint work originally led by PARC and includes the larger Named Data Networking (NDN) Team. In addition to serving as one of the institutions participating in NDN, we were active in the broader ICN/NDN/CCN research area including special issues, workshops as well as hosting the April 2012 NSF Future Internet Architecture meeting. For more information, see Named Data Networking
  • Network Monitoring - Work on Internet monitoring included packet analysis, control plane analysis include both DNS naming and BGP routing data. We have been active in the measurement community including various workshops sponsored by CAIDA . One of our main projects was a long standing collaboration with Oregon RouteViews . We provide access to real-time BGP routing data from around the world as part of the BGPmon Project. We collaborated with the Australian Government to setup a monitoring system for critical infrastructure. For more information, see BGP Monitor
  • DNS Security - Our team helped develop, deploy, and assess the DNS Security Extensions. Dr. Massey served as co-editor of DNSSEC (RFC 4033, RFC 4034, and RFC 4035) and helped develop the SecSpider DNS monitoring system. We collaborate with industry leaders, including Secure64.