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Networking Courses:

CS 696 - Network Security Research Group Seminar
Typically taught every semester, including summer. This seminar course meets weekly and is intended for graduate students with active research in Networks or Security. Graduate students looking for research topics and undergraduates are welcome to attend.

CS 657 - Topics in Networking
Typically taught in Fall semester. This advanced graduate course explores networking research projects in depth. Topics vary each semester to reflect current research problems. The course is only open to graduate students and students must have taken CS 557.

CS 557 - Advanced Networking
Typically taught in Spring semester. This course is also offered as an online course. This graduate course introduces graduate students to network research. The courses covers a broad range of networking topics. There is no textbook, but students are required to read some of the key papers in computer networking. Students must have taken a senior level undergraduate course on networking, similar to CS 457.

CS 457 - Networking and the Internet
Typically taught in Fall semester. This course is also offered as an online course. This senior level undergraduate course covers computer networking.

Security Courses

CS 356 - Computer Security
Typically taught both Fall and Spring semesters. This required junior level undergraduate course introduces students to computer security.

Previous Courses

I'm no longer teaching these courses

CS 301 - Foundations of Computer Science\\ Required junior level undergraduate in finite automata, languages, and grammars.

CS 656C - Advanced Topics in Network Security\\ This advanced graduate course explores networking security research projects in depth.

CS 696 - Science of Routing Seminar\\ This multi-institution course covers advanced topics in network routing and includes graduate students from Colorado State, UCLA, University of Arizona, University of Memphis, and others.

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