CS 453: Class Schedule (Spring 2008)

Click on a lecture to get the slides. All of the slides are in PDF format. Each reading should be finished before the lecture with which it appears in the table.

Date Topic Reading Handouts and Suggested Exercises Due
Jan 23 (W) Introduction to Compilers (slides)   Syllabus and HW1  
Jan 25 (F) MiniSVG Intro Ch 1
Jan 28 (M) Lexical Analysis Intro (slides) Ch 2 through 2.6 Exercise 2.6.2 and 2.6.3 HW1: Review
Jan 30 (W) MiniSVG Tokens (slides)
Feb 1 (F) Context Free Grammars and Parse Trees (slides) Exercises 2.2.3, 2.3.2
Feb 4 (M) Top-Down, Predictive Parsers (slides) Exercise 2.4.1 HW2: Exercise 2.6.3
Feb 6 (W) Error recovery intro (slides) Ch. 4 through 4.4
Feb 8 (F) MiniJava and MIPS (slides) Appendix A: Assemblers, Linkers, and the SPIM Simulator (read A9 and A10, skim A1-A4) Try out spim and xspim PA1: MiniSVG
Feb 11 (M) MiniJava Compiler overview (slides) Ch 2 Exercise 2.8.1 HW3: Exercise 2.3.2
Feb 13 (W) Lexical Analysis: Regular Expressions (slides) Ch 3 through 3.3 and JLex Manual JLex tutorial
Feb 15 (F) MiniJava and MIPS example (sent to mailing list)
Feb 18 (M) Lexical Analysis: NFAs and DFAs (slides) Ch 3.4 through 3.8 Exercise 3.3.4 PA2: MiniJava and MIPS Warmup
Feb 20 (W) CFGs for parsing: Make expression grammar LL (slides) Ch 4-4.4 4.4.3 HW4: Exercise 3.3.4
Feb 22 (F) CFGs for parsing: Intro bottom-up parsing Ch. 4.5 and 4.6.3 4.2.1
Feb 25 (M) Bottom-Up Parsing and AST creation(slides) Ch 2.8, 5.3.1, and skim JavaCUP manual JavaCUP and JLex example PA3: MiniJava Lexer using JLex
Feb 27 (W) Building the AST (slides) HW5: 4.2.1
Feb 29 (F) LR parsing: LR(0) parse table (slides) Ch 4.6 4.6.3
Mar 3 (M) LR parsing: LR(1) parse table (slides) Ch 4.7 4.7.1a and 4.7.2 (LR(1))
Mar 5 (W) Ambiguous grammars and LR parsers (slides) Ch 4.8-4.9 4.8.2 HW6: 4.7.1a
Mar 7 (F) LR(1) list grammars (no slides)
Mar 10 (M) Midterm Review (slides)     HW7: Study for midterm, do lots of example problems
Mar 12 (W)  Midterm Exam (in class)
Mar 14 (F) Instructor at conference -- No Class
Mar 17 (M) Spring Recess -- No Class
Mar 19 (W) Spring Recess -- No Class
Mar 21 (F) Spring Recess -- No Class
Mar 24 (M) Error Handling in LR Parsers and Parser Generators (slides) Ch. 4.8.3   HW8: Email a test case java file and the resulting AST dot file being generated by your PA4 implementation
Mar 26 (W) Intro to PA5 PA5 writeup PA4: AST using JavaCUP
Mar 28 (F) Visitor Design Pattern (slides) visitor design pattern wikipedia entry Code up one of the wikipedia examples and step through it in the debugger
Mar 31 (M) Building the Symbol Table (slides) Ch 6 in Gagnon's Masters Thesis, Ch 2.7
Apr 2 (W) Symbol Table cont... How could we enable the same name used in multiple nested scopes by changing the insert(STE) method of the SymTable and Scope? HW9: Submit a visitor derived from DepthFirstAdapter that counts all instances of the various ast.node classes in an ast
Apr 4 (F) Semantic Analysis - Type checking in PA5    
Apr 7 (M) Semantic Analysis - Type checking Ch 6.3 HW10: Create a MiniJava example and turn in the astlines.dot file generated by your compiler.
Apr 9 (W) Implementing functions: gcc stackframe (slides) Appendix A: Assemblers, Linkers, and the SPIM Simulator (read A.5 and A.6)    
Apr 11 (F) Calculating offsets: MiniJava stackframe (slides) Suggested exercise about x86 on slides
Apr 14 (M) The Frame Class (see slides from Friday) Handout HW11: send a MiniJava testcase that triggers a specific type error message. In the email, indicate which message should be triggered.
Apr 16 (W) Stack frames for other language features (no slides) Ch 7-7.3 PA5: Semantic analysis and stack frame
Apr 18 (F) PA6 Intro (no slides) PA6 writeup
Apr 21 (M) Intermediate Representations (slides) Ch 6 intro, 6.2 through 6.2.2 Translate the examples in exercise 6.2.2 into 3-address code. HW12: Email the initArray MIPS routine in the same file as a main routine that calls it. It should be possible to run it through spim.
Apr 23 (W) L-values, R-values, and accessing variables (slides) (pg. 98, Ch 2.8.4)    
Apr 25 (F) Translating integer expressions and array accesses (slides) Ch 6.4 6.4.3 a and b
Apr 28 (M) Translating integer expressions and array accesses cont...(slides)   HW13: Translate (t102 = foo( t103, t104 * t104 )) and (x = t200 + y - x) to 3-address code and then to Assem(MIPS). Assume t### are compiler temporaries and put x and y in reasonable stack locations.
Apr 30 (W) Translating Statements and Expression involving Classes (slides)    
May 1 (F) Translating Boolean Expressions and If Statements (slides) Ch. 6.6 Using short-circuiting, write 3-address code for the statement: if (x == 1 && y == 2 && z==3) w = 4;  
May 5 (M) Control Flow, Basic Blocks, and Tracing (slides) Ch 6.8 (switch statements), Ch 8.4 (basic blocks and control-flow) HW14: Exercise 6.6.4
May 7 (W) Instruction Selection and Register Allocation (slides) Ch. 8 through 8.3 8.2.1, 8.2.2, 8.2.4 PA6: MIPS code gen
May 9 (F) Final Review (slides)
May 12 (M)  Final Exam (11:20am-1:20pm)

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