CS 453 Spring 2010 Syllabus

When: Tuesday and Thursday 9:30pm - 10:45pm
Where: Computer Science Building (COMSC) 325
Instructor: Michelle Strout, mstrout@cs.colostate.edu
Office Hours: Thursday 11 am to 12 noon in COMSC 342 or by appointment

GTA: Kiley Graim
Recitation: Friday 9-9:50 in COMSC 215

Lab Hours (COMSC linux lab on 1st floor)

  • Tuesday 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm, Michelle
  • Wed 11 am to 12 noon, Kiley

Class Webpage

URL: http://www.cs.colostate.edu/~cs453

Class Communication

Email: cs453-spring-2010@googlegroups.com, URL: http://groups.google.com/group/cs453-spring-2010

Course Requirements


An undergraduate automata theory class or consent of the instructor.


  • Compilers: Principles, Techniques, & Tools, Second Edition by Aho, Lam, Sethi, and Ullman, Pearson Education, 2007.


  • Read the announcements on the course webpage daily.
  • Finish assigned reading before the corresponding class meeting.
  • Do the assignments listed on the Assignments link off the course webpage.
  • Attend scheduled recitations.


(Grades will be posted on RamCT)
  • Programming Assignments, 40%
  • Homework Assignments, 10%
  • Quizzes, 10%
  • Midterm, 20%
  • Final, 20%
To pass this course, you must maintain at least a 50% average in the assignment grade (programming + homework assignments) and the test grade (quizzes + midterm + final). For example, a 100% in the assignment grade combined with a 49% test grade will NOT result in a passing grade.

There will be 6 homeworks and the lowest homework score will be dropped.

There will be 6 quizzes on the reading assignments and the suggested exercises. The lowest quiz score will be dropped.

Course Policies

Michelle Strout
Last modified: February 11, 2010