Post DateAssignmentDocumentationDue DateSubmission MethodPercentage of Course Grade
8/24/10Read PapersFor each class meeting, read the assigned papers before coming to class.Every class meeting starting August 25th.NA
8/24/10Read Papers Assigned for First Class MeetingWrite two paragraphs describing how the How to Read an Engineering Research Paper and Basic Research Skills in Computer Science are relevant to you. What are some things in those papers that you are already doing? What are some things you need to work on?August 31, 2010email to
8/24/10Paper VoteAs part of your class participation, select 5 papers from each of the following categories: Evaluation of Programming Models, Parallel Programming Model, and Sparse Programming Model, from the possible-papers.bib. All of the pdfs for the suggested papers can be found in a CSU-only accessible directory. You can provide nominations as one of your five in each category.August 31, 2010Email to
8/30/10Paper ReviewsReview requirements and example. Each student will need to turn in 7 reviews over the course of the semester. Only one review can be submitted each week that papers are being discussed in the class. Each review must be submitted right before the class where the paper will be discussed. You can resubmit a review within 24 hours of the discussion about the paper.Throughout semesterEmail to before class.30%
8/24/10Paper presentation proposalCome to an agreement with instructor about paper you will present in class. These will be assigned on first-come-first-served basis. September 7, 2010Email to
9/7/10Paper presentationPaper Presentation Guidelines page, also see Slides/06-proposal-writing.ppt.pdfDates posted for each student.Email slides to and present in class.10%
8/30/10Proposed tool example with preliminary project proposalProject DescriptionThursday September 9, 2010Email to before class starts.5%
8/30/10Proposal and Tool ExampleProject DescriptionFriday September 24, 2010Email to before 8pm.5%
8/30/10Mini-Research Exam ProposalMini Research Exam DescriptionThursday October 7, 2010Email to before midnight.5%
8/30/10Verbal Status ReportProject DescriptionOctober 12 and 14Present in class5%
8/30/10Intermediate ReportProject DescriptionTuesday October 26, 2010Email to before class starts.5%
8/30/10Mini-Research Exam WriteupMini Research Exam DescriptionTuesday November 9, 2010Email to before class starts.10%
8/30/10Final report and posterProject DescriptionReport due Thursday December 16th at 6pm and Poster due date is December 9th (poster session 4:45-6pm)Email report to and present poster during finals week.10%
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Last modified: October 18, 2010