CS 653 Fall 2010 Syllabus

When: Tuesday and Thursday 3:30pm - 4:45pm
Where: Computer Science Building (COMSC) 425
Instructor: Michelle Strout, mstrout@cs.colostate.edu
Office Hours: Wednesday 2-3pm in COMSC 342

Class Webpage

URL: http://www.cs.colostate.edu/~cs653

Class Communication

Email: cs653-fall-2010@googlegroups.com, URL: http://groups.google.com/group/cs653-fall-2010


(Grades will be posted on RamCT)

Paper Reviews

Each student will be responsible for writing one critical review of one of the papers covered each week. You need to turn in 7 reviews througout the semester. Keep in mind that there are only 8 weeks when you can turn in a review: the weeks of September 14, 21, 28, October 19, 26, Nov 2, 30, and Dec 7th. (I will also accept reviews the first two weeks of the semester). The reviews should be one to two pages and cover the following questions about the paper:

You are expected to follow the guidelines put forth in the provided example review.

You can resubmit a review within 24 hours of the discussion about the paper, however your review grade will be based at least 50% on the initial review submitted.

Paper Presentations and the Mini Research Exam

Each student will be presenting and leading the discussion for one paper and presenting a mini research exam for a set of three papers. The presenter must schedule practice presentations with Michelle at least two days before any in-class presentation. Detailed guidelines for the paper presentation are posted at http://www.cs.colostate.edu/~cs653/presentation.php. Detailed guidelines for the mini-research exam are posted at http://www.cs.colostate.edu/~cs653/mini-research-exam.php.


Each student will do a semester-long project either individually or with a group. The project will consist of the following deliverables: The list of possible projects is available to those in the colostate.edu domain.

Class Participation

Everyone must read each paper. While you are reading each paper, you should develop at least one question or point relevant for discussion of the paper in class. At the beginning of the course, everyone must also indicate some paper preferences.

Course Policies

Michelle Strout
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