CS 653: Topics in Programming Language Implementation -- Programming Models
(Spring 2008)

Mini Research Exam

Read the department's Research Exam Guidelines. The mini research exam for this class differs in the following ways:
  • There is no committee, just the instructor.
  • A full research exam involves five seed papers. For the mini research exam you will be using three seed papers. You will be selecting one paper from those we have read in the class and finding two related papers that we are not reading in the class. You do not have to collect more than the three papers.
  • For the mini research exam a paragraph proposing the mini research exam topic and the list of three papers is due March 10th.
  • The mini research exam writeup is due the week before the presentation on Wednesday and should between 2000 and 5000 words not including the bibliography.
  • The mini research exam talk will be 20-25 minutes. The maximum number of slides permitted will be 12.
  • You must set up a practice presentation with the instructor at least two days before the actual mini research exam.

Michelle Strout
Last modified: January 22, 2008