Program 3 Assignment: Putting it all together, making your own web site

Associated Lectures

Web site

You will be designing a small website.  This website will contain at least 2 pages in it.  It will also contain either a Java Applet or a small MySQL+PHP database application.  You can of course do both if you would like.

Graded Parts (16.67% of grade, can't get an A without this one folks!)


Elements which must be used (see lecture) (see demo)
  • basic applet functions (must use init, other basic applet functions are optional)
  • init (required) (examples:,,,,
  • paint (optional) (examples:,,
  • start (optional) (examples:,
  • stop (optional) (examples:
  • destroy (optional) (examples:
  • write some text to the screen either using drawString or by creating a Label
  • drawString (examples:,,
  • Label (examples:,, )
  • respond to a button push (Applet.action method) or mousedown (Applet.mouseDown method)
  • button push (examples:,, )
  • mouse down (examples:, )
  • Related Websites
  • Projects in Java website
  • Java Reference


    Requirements (see CGI and PHP lecture, see MySQL lecture, see MySQL+PHP lecture) (see demo)
  • Create a mysql table (see MySQL Review lecture)
  • Use HTML form and PHP to do a query on the table data (examples: see search.php3 and the print_sidebar function in html_util.php3)
  • (Optional) Use HTML form and PHP to add data to table or update data in some way (examples: see buy.php3 for use of insert command in mysql_query)
  • Related web sites
  • MySQL Home Page
  • PHP Home Page
  • HTML Forms Tutorial
  • PHP+MySQL Tutorial

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