Program 3 Demo Website

This is a demo website for the UC High Web programming class. This website exhibits all of the required HTML elements. It also gives an example of what a design writeup might look like, and a small HTML tutorial. Finally, it lists some Java Applet ideas and MySQL+PHP database ideas. Some of the listed ideas have working examples with code. Of course, the students know they can't copy this code, but they can use it to help make similar applets or databases.

Sample writeup

Brief HTML tutorial

Java Applet Ideas

Simple demos which satisfy the requirements
  • Cat which follows mouse
  • Calculating dog years
  • ToDo List
  • Other ideas
  • Rolling dice
  • Card games
  • Guessing game
  • MySQL+PHP Database ideas

    Simple demos which satisfy the requirements
  • Visitor Registration
  • Other ideas
  • Address book
  • Assignment book
  • Music video or CD database with links to internet related websites
  • Beanie babies database

  • .... May 21, 2000