June 21st Seminar

Seminar Attendees and Their Web Pages

Emma Garten
Celeste Holcomb
Joanna Lewis
Kristin Long
Maria Miranda
Corey O'Dell
Simi Patel
Sai Rajopadhye
Meredith Salimbeni
Kimberly Wearne
Miranda Whitley

Staff Web Pages

Bruce Draper
Elaine Regelson
David Sites
Darrell Whitley

On-line Lab Instructions

Getting Started (handout)
Linux Command Recap
HTML Overview (slides) (be patient; and choose "Accept")
Making Your Web Page More Fun
The Basic Steps for Writing a Program
Beginning Programming -- Java
Beginning Programming -- C++
A C Programming Reference Manual
Beginning Programming -- Perl (and check out this Perl palindrome program.
An HTML Reference Guide (not all commands work, but interesting anyway)
HTML fonts Reference Guide (and go up a level or two to see more)
Sun's Java Spec (start with API Specifications -- or just pick here; then pick Standard Edition, pick J2SE 1.4.2 API Specication)
Another Java Reference guide
"Microsoft's New Operating System" (sarcasm)

Frequently Asked Questions

Rogue's Gallery