Frequently Asked Questions

First, let me remind you of the CS Department's
Frequently Asked Questions document. You will lear a lot by just browsing through, or may want to try a focused search ("Edit" and "Find"from your browser).

How do I figure out error codes on my home machine?

The local experts tell me that they like to try two steps. First, they simply give the error code to Google. If that is overwhelming or not useful, they ask Google to find the "Microsoft Knowledge Base." Go to "Search the Knowlege Base" and type in the error code. This product will do its best to give you a description, explanation of symptoms, suggested fix, and possible workarounds.

Can I log in from home?

Yes. Use ssh to log in from home, sftp to transfer files between your home system and CSU's, and ?? to pull up an xterm. If your home computer does not have versions of ssh, sftp, or ?? (many do), you will need to download one. The department suggests you download ssh and sftp clients from If this does not work, we cannot recommend any other sites, but Google lists many. I strongly suggest that you check with computer-knowlegeable and non-mishchievous friends for suggestions about safe sources. Once you have one of these products, you will run it and enter the CSU CS domain through the machine named
Instructions for all of this can be found in the CSU CS Department's Frequently Asked Questions document. I suggest you use "Edit" then "Find" because this is a LONG document.

How do I fine-tune colors on my webpage?

Check out this website (and send me a note if you have a better one) to select colors:
Once you have a color you like, simply put a number sign ("#") followed by the ASCII code numbers wherever you would put a color name.

Do you have any suggestions about home computer maintenance?

Check out Home Computer Maintenance Tips