Hey, look...it's a page.

My name is Tom Hunt, I'm a sophomore CS/CE student at Colorado State University, and I have a bunch of random stuff posted on the Web.


I write things. At this point, mostly fanfic. Some of it is at FF.net (go here), but here are some plain files of it.


A fanwork visual novel of the excellent Haruhi Suzumiya fanfic Kyon: Big Damn Hero. Very rudimentary and under active development; a collaboration with many other people, some of whom can actually draw.

There used to be downloads above, but they were horrendously out of date. Current work is available at GitHub. To run the development versions at GitHub, you'll need the Ren'Py SDK; standalone downloads will be available once we get ourselves to a release. Project work takes place on #bdh-vn in irc.lunarnet.org, which is archived here.