Subspace Mean and Median Evaluation Toolkit (SuMMET)

The Subspace Mean and Median Evaluation Toolkit (SuMMET) is a Matlab-based software package that is meant as a companion for the paper:

The author of this software package is Tim Marrinan , who is currently a Ph.D. student working under the direction of Michael Kirby.

The toolkit has three main components: (1) core Matlab functions that compute the Karcher mean, the L2-median, the extrinsic manifold mean, and the flag mean for collections of linear subspaces, (2) experimental data in Matlab format made up of short video clips depicting "micro-actions" taken from longer videos associated with DARPA's Mind's Eye program (and associated action labels), and (3) example Matlab scripts that use the core functions and experimental data to produce the results/figures from the associated paper.

The intention of this software package is that researchers will be able to compare the properties of the subspace averages in a straightforward way to develop an intuition about which method is most appropriate for a specific task. Additionally, it provides computational results that can be compared to those of subspace averages not included here when necessary.

Download the SuMMET Toolit.