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List of Publications

"Hardware Acceleration for Windows Systems"
Rhoden, D., Wilcox, C., Siggraph, July 1989. Paper

"High-Quality Polygon Edging"
Herrell, R., Baldwin, J., and Wilcox, C., Computer Graphics and Applications, July 1995. Paper

"Correlating Spam Activity with IP Address Characteristics"
Wilcox, C., Papadopoulus, C., Heidemann, J., Global Internet, March 2010. Paper Slides

"Mesa: Automatic Generation of Lookup Table Optimizations"
Wilcox, C., Strout, M., Bieman, J., IWMSE, May 2011. Paper Slides

"Tool Support for Software Lookup Table Optimization"
Wilcox, C., Strout, M., Bieman, J., Scientific Programming, December 2011. Paper

"Optimizing Expression Selection for Lookup Table Program Transformation"
Wilcox, C., Strout, M., Bieman, J., Source Code Analysis and Manipulation (SCAM), September 2012. Paper Slides

List of Patents

US5347634, “System and method for directly executing user DMA…”, Hewlett-Packard

US5416893, “Method for displaying edging or decaling of an object…”, Hewlett-Packard

US5764999, “Enhanced system management mode with nesting.”, Cyrix Corp.

US5801720, “Data transfer from a graphics subsystem to system memory.”, Cyrix Corp.

US6598136, “Data transfer with highly granular cacheability control…”, National Semiconductor

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