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 author={Yotov,​ Kamen and Roeder, Tom and Pingali, Keshav and Gunnels, John and Gustavson, Fred}, author={Yotov,​ Kamen and Roeder, Tom and Pingali, Keshav and Gunnels, John and Gustavson, Fred},
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-series={SPAA,​ 2007},pages = {93-104}+series={SPAA,​ 2007},pages = {93-104},
 year={2007} year={2007}
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 +@inproceedings{PARSECS,​ title={PARSECSs:​ Evaluating the Impact of Task Parallelism in the PARSEC Benchmark Suite},
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 +@inproceedings{Nonlinear,​ title={The Polyhedral Model of Nonlinear Loops},
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