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 +@ARTICAL{123, author={Sanket Tavarageri, Albert Hartono, Muthu Baskaran, Louis-Noel Pouchet,J. Ramanujam
 +and P. Sadayappan}, title={Parametric Tiling of Affine Loop Nests}, year={2010}, url = {} ,}
 +author={A. Pedram and A. Gerstlauer and R. A. v. d. Geijn}, 
 +booktitle={ASAP 2011 - 22nd IEEE International Conference on Application-specific Systems, Architectures and Processors}, 
 +title={A high-performance, low-power linear algebra core}, 
 +keywords={floating point arithmetic;matrix multiplication;GFLOPS-W;application-specific custom hardware;floating point operations per second;linear algebra core;matrix computations;matrix-matrix multiplication;power consumption reduction;technology scaling;Bandwidth;Computer architecture;Hardware;Kernel;Linear algebra;Program processors;Registers}, 
 @inproceedings{Bandishti:2012:TSC:2388996.2389051, @inproceedings{Bandishti:2012:TSC:2388996.2389051,
  author = {Bandishti, Vinayaka and Pananilath, Irshad and Bondhugula, Uday},  author = {Bandishti, Vinayaka and Pananilath, Irshad and Bondhugula, Uday},
Line 35: Line 54:
 journal={IEEE Micro},  journal={IEEE Micro}, 
 title={Architectural Simulators Considered Harmful},  title={Architectural Simulators Considered Harmful}, 
-year={2015}, +year={2015}, 
 volume={35},  volume={35}, 
 number={6},  number={6}, 
Line 302: Line 322:
  publisher = { IEEE}  publisher = { IEEE}
 +title = "Towards Characterizing the Variability of Statistically Consistent Community Earth System Model Simulations",
 +journal = "Procedia Computer Science",
 +volume = "80",
 +number = "",
 +pages = "1589 - 1600",
 +year = "2016",
 +note = "",
 +issn = "1877-0509",
 +doi = "",
 +url = "",
 +author = "Daniel J. Milroy and Allison H. Baker and Dorit M. Hammerling and John M. Dennis and Sheri A. Mickelson and Elizabeth R. Jessup",
 +keywords = "Community Earth System Model",
 +keywords = "CESM Ensemble Consistency Test",
 +keywords = "statistical consistency",
 +keywords = "code modification as source of variability",
 +keywords = "compiler as source of variability",
 +keywords = "Community Atmosphere Model",
 +keywords = "non-bit-for-bit",
 +keywords = "Fused Multiply-Add"
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