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 +@ARTICAL{123,​ author={Sanket Tavarageri, Albert Hartono, Muthu Baskaran, Louis-Noel Pouchet,J. Ramanujam
 +and P. Sadayappan},​ title={Parametric Tiling of Affine Loop Nests}, year={2010},​ doi = {http://​web.cse.ohio-state.edu/​~pouchet.2/​doc/​cpc-article.10.pdf} ,}
 @INPROCEEDINGS{6043234, ​ @INPROCEEDINGS{6043234, ​
 author={A. Pedram and A. Gerstlauer and R. A. v. d. Geijn}, ​ author={A. Pedram and A. Gerstlauer and R. A. v. d. Geijn}, ​
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