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-======Schedule Code Generator for SubSystem====== 
-Given an affine system with subsystems/​useEquations,​ this page shows how to specify the targetmapping for the system and generate the code.  
-====Matrix Multiplication with subsystem==== 
-The following code is the alpha program for matrix matrix multiplication with dot-product subsystem. ​ 
-<sxh alphabets; gutter:​false>​ 
-affine matrix_product_SubSyst {N,K,M | N>0 && K>0 && M > 0} // Product between a N*K matrix and a K*M matrix 
- float A {i,k | 0<​=i<​N && 0<​=k<​K};​ 
- float B {k,j | 0<​=k<​K && 0<​=j<​M};​ 
- float C {i,j | 0<​=i<​N && 0<​=j<​M};​ 
- use {iP,​jP|0<​=iP<​N && 0<​=jP<​M} dot_product[K] ((pi,​pj,​k->​pi,​k)@A,​(pi,​pj,​k->​k,​pj)@B) returns (C); 
-affine dot_product {N| N>0} // Product between 2 vector of size N 
- float vect1 {i | 0<​=i<​N }; 
- float vect2 {i | 0<​=i<​N }; 
- float Res; 
- float temp {i | 0<​=i<​N};​ 
- temp[i] = case 
- {i|i==0} ​  : vect1[0] * vect2[0]; 
- {i |0<​i<​N} : temp[i-1] + vect1[i]*vect2[i]; ​ 
- esac; 
- Res[] = temp[N-1]; 
-The program contains two systems. The dot_product system takes two vectors as inputs and computes the doc product of these two vectors. The matrix_product_SubSyst computes matrix C=A*B, the (ip,jp)th element for the answer matrix C is computed by calling the dot product subsystem, and the (ip)th row of A, and (jp)th column of B is passed as input to the subsystem call.  
-====TargetMapping for the Matrix Multiplication Example==== 
-The schedule code generator treats every subsystem call (an instance of the subsystem) as an function call in C. In order to ensure the correctness of the code,  
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