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Line 81: Line 81:
 setSpaceTimeMapForUseEquationOptimization(prog, rootSystem, label, 1, 0, "(ip,jp->0,0,0,2)", "(ip,jp->1,ip,jp,3)", "(ip,jp->2,0,0,2)"); setSpaceTimeMapForUseEquationOptimization(prog, rootSystem, label, 1, 0, "(ip,jp->0,0,0,2)", "(ip,jp->1,ip,jp,3)", "(ip,jp->2,0,0,2)");
 +#command for generating the code 
 generateScheduledCode(prog, rootSystem, outDir); generateScheduledCode(prog, rootSystem, outDir);
 generateWrapper(prog, rootSystem, outDir); generateWrapper(prog, rootSystem, outDir);
Line 86: Line 87:
 </sxh> </sxh>
 +====TargetMapping for Optimization====
 +The schedule code generator generates three special statements for each input/output of each useEquation. However, those special statements can be saved under some situation. For example,  the <iP, jP>th value of the final matrix C is computed by a dot product of the <iP>th row of matrix A and the <jP>th column of matrix B
 +by the <iP, jP>th instance of the use equation. Assume that the memory for matrix A, B and C are all allocated in row-wise major, the <iP>th row of matrix A can be passed as a pointer of A, no temporary variable is needed. This can be achieved by specifying the memory space for the first input of the useEquation to be the same as A. 
 +The following command is the command that specifies the optimization for the first input of the useEquation C.
 +<sxh cs; gutter:false>
 +setMemorySpaceForUseEuqationOptimization(prog, rootSystem, label, 0, 0, "A");
 +The code generated passes the corresponding pointer of A is passed into the function call.
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