Scholarships & Awards

Both CSU and the Computer Science Department offer scholarships and awards to help you finance your education.

Department Scholarships and Fellowships

The Computer Science Department gives the following merit-based awards to students. Several include substantial financial assistance.

Thomas J. Heidenfelder Scholarship

Scholarships up to full in-state tuition, awarded each year to CS majors who have high academic achievement and demonstrated service to the field. US citizenship and Colorado or Illinois residency required.


John M. Miller 1995-1996

Jason R. Fritz 1996-1997

Michael Trombley 1997-1998

Colin Day 1997-1998

John Sapienza 1997-1998

Jason S. Moore 1998-1999

Adam Carheden 1999-2000

Andrew Grauch 2000-2001

Brian Pfau 2001-2002

Manfred Georg 2002-2003

Ian Rousom 2002-2003

Catherine Jones 2003-2004

Jonathan Haywood 2003-2004

Dustin Lehr 2004-2005

Jonathan Haywood 2004-2005

Kyle Thayer 2004-2005

Benson Joeris 2005-2006

Gary Lyman 2005-2006

Jasmun Hendrick 2006-2007

Weston Pace 2006-2007

Bailey Draper 2007-2008

Christina Williams 2007-2008

Kyle R. Kelley 2008-2009

Christopher M. Mullins 2009-2010

Daniel Goes 2010-2011

Jeremy Hyrkas 2011-2012

Devin M. Wilson 2012-2013

Kira Lindburg 2013-2014

Jeffrey Stern 2014-2015

Melinda Ryan 2015-2016

Ethan Coldren 2016-2017

Laura South 2017-2018

Patricia R. Mohilner Memorial Scholarship

Between $300 and $1000 per year, awarded to the undergraduate CS major with the best academic record. US citizenship or permanent residence required. Awarded to a junior for the senior year. Chosen by a faculty committee. No application necessary.


Michael T. Kelley 1984-1985

Robert S. Dye 1985-1986

Paul D. Burns 1986-1987

Christopher A. Bogart 1987-1988

Sarah Barrios 1988-1989

Jerlyn R. Cook 1989-1990

Michael L. Raymer 1990-1991

Kari E. Knudsen 1991-1992

Jeffrey H. Junker 1992-1993

Jan Kok 1993-1994

Stephane L. Freeman 1994-1995

Erin Elizabeth Fox 1995-1996

Paul E. Holland 1996-1997

Nathan Schroeder 1997-1998

Hans C. Petersen 1998-1999

David Scott Bolme 1999-2000

Michael Hake 2000-2001

Catherine E. Jones 2001-2002

Travis R. King 2002-2003

David Charles Straw 2003-2004

Alexander Deyke 2004-2005

Scott M. Lundberg 2005-2006

Benson Joeris 2006-2007

Jonathan Troup 2007-2008

Christopher M. Mullins 2008-2009

John Herndon 2009-2010

Cassandra Helms 2010-2011

Ryan A. Stern 2011-2012

Annika M. Muehlbradt 2012-2013

Byron Britt 2013-2014

Kira Lindburg 2014-2015

David Sahud 2015-2016

Tanner King 2016-2017

Meilin Kalahiki 2017-2018

James Sites and Elaine Regelson Undergraduate Research Scholarship

Dr. James Sites and Elaine Regelson established this scholarship to support outstanding undergraduates majoring in Physics and/or Computer Science who actively pursue research under the guidance of a Colorado State University faculty member. Up to three scholarships of approximately $1,250 each may be awarded during each academic year.


Aaron Hargerstrom 2006-2007

Andrew Stone 2006-2007

Kyle R. Kelley 2007-2008

Christopher Mullins 2007-2008

Truman Wilson 2007-2008

Aaron Hagerstrom 2007-2008

Nicholas Lewkow 2008-2009

Liam Kilcommons 2009-2010

Laura Adams 2010-2011

Jeremy Hyrkas 2010-2011

Kelly Mauser 2010-2011

Kelly Mauser 2011-2012

Thaddeus Johnston 2013-2014

Joseph Welch 2013-2014

Jordan Messec 2014-2015

Chancey Dunn 2015-2016

Theodore Michalakes 2016-2017

Blake Edwards 2017-2018

The Frances E. Allen Scholarship in Computer Science

Established by an anonymous donor in honor of Michelle Mills Strout in the Computer Science Department. The scholarship is named for Frances Allen, the first woman to receive the Turing Award.


Amanda Handler 2012-2013

Anne Ross 2013-2014

Kaila Thornton 2013-2014

Harina Pandari 2014-2015

Anne Ross 2014-2015

Lauren Bay 2015-2016

Sadie Henry 2016-2017

Meilin Kalahiki 2016-2017

Kelsey Cribari 2016-2017

Nicole Kacirek 2016-2017

Cassody Skorczewski 2017-2018

Nicole Kacirek 2017-2018

Audrey Newlon 2017-2018

Sarah Hultin 2017-2018

Courtney Schulze 2017-2018

The Steven Boyd, Jr. Scholarship

This scholarship was created by alumnus, Steven Boyd, Jr., to support underrepresented students in the Department of Computer Science.


Timothy Chesson 2013-2014

Timothy Chesson 2014-2015

Timothy Chesson 2015-2016

Barajdi Boralo 2015-2016

Timothy Chesson 2016-2017

Tre'vel Berry 2016-2017

Edward Lee 2017-2018

Darian Hill 2017-2018

Computer Science Inclusion and Excellence Scholarship

Created to promote inclusion and excellence in the department by recruiting and retaining stellar underrepresented students in computer science.


Vidya Gaddy 2016-2017

Andrew Johnson 2016-2017

Kira Miller 2016-2017

Jesse Zuniga 2016-2017

Christy Lundberg 2017-2018

Tessa DeMuth 2017-2018

Nicole Standiford 2017-2018

The Grit Scholarship in Computer Science

This scholarship was established by Dale and Lou Grit to encourage students to pursue Computer Science as a major.


Lauren Bay 2016-2017

Rylie Denehan 2017-2018

Harmonious Software Scholarship

This scholarship was established by CSU alumnus Fred Pittroff and his wife Rosemary to support undergraduates in Computer Science pursuing a concentration in computing education or human-centered computing.


Laura Nolt 2017-2018

The Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Intelligence Graduate Fellowship

Established by the Computer Science Department to provide support to graduate students enrolled in the department.


Elliott Forney 2014-2015

Wenxiang Chen 2015-2016

The Computer Science Graduate Fellowship

Established by the Computer Science Department to provide support to graduate students enrolled in the department.


Phillipa Bennett 2015-2016

Benjamin Sattelberg 2017-2018

The Robert B. France Fellowship in Computer Science

This fund was established by gifts given in memory of Professor Robert France, a CNS professor laureate and beloved member of the Computer Science Department. This fellowship supports Computer Science graduate students engaging in research.


Phillipa Bennett 2015-2016

Mohammed Al-Refai 2017-2018

Department Awards

Anita Read Graduate Award

The Anita Read Graduate Award is given annually to a graduate student in Computer Science with demonstrated dedication to education and excellence in teaching. The recipient is selected by the department faculty.


Robert Rinker 1996-1997

Jeffrey P. Hammes 1997-1998

Soraya Rana 1998-1999

Robert M. Kretchmar 1998-1999

Wendy Yambor 1999-2000

Stefano Segreto 2000-2001

Kyungim Baek 2001-2002

Monica D. Chawathe 2002-2003

Lakshmi Renganarayana 2003-2004

Albert Lionelle 2004-2005

Eunjee Song 2004-2005

Charles Ross 2005-2006

Crystal Redman 2006-2007

Aritra Bandyopadhyay 2008-2009

Artem Sokolov 2009-2010

Christopher Wilcox 2010-2011

HyunChul Joh 2011-2012

Maggie Wigness 2012-2013

Kathleen Ericson 2013-2014

Awad Younis 2014-2015

Thilina Mahesh Buddhika Hewa Raga Munige 2015-2016

Andres Calderon Jaramillo 2016-2017

Wim Bohm and Partners Ph.D. Award

This award was established by Department of Computer Science Professor Anton Willem Bohm and his former graduate students. The goal of this fund is to support computer science Ph.D. students in their final year of study, so that they can fully concentrate on their research.

University Scholarships

CSU offers both need and merit based scholarships to qualified students. University scholarships are centrally administered by the Office of Student Financial Services, information about which can be found by clicking the link below.

Student Financial Services

In addition, there are numerous scholarships offered through the College of Natural Sciences. Application for these scholarships is made between January and March of each year for awards effective the following school year. A single application qualifies students for all the available CNS scholarships. More information on these scholarships can be found at:

CNS Scholarships