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CDC6400 computer

Department History

In 1971, a Computer Science section was created within the Department of Mathematics. Computer Science was then located in the east wing of Rockwell Hall on the second floor. Our first department chair was Barney Marschner, and "Barney's Monday Afternoon Club" (BMAC) was founded in his name. BMAC is now our department colloquium.

The first computer we used was a CDC 6400 (shown at left; image source:, which we shared with the campus. The user could only have 16 files in the system. You punched cards, gave them to operator to enter, and retrieved your output a few hours later printed on green and white bar paper.

The Computer Science Department was officially formed in 1974 with an approved Bachelor of Science Degree. By 1976 we awarded our first masters degree, and in 1980 our Ph.D. program was approved.

We moved from Rockwell Hall to the University Services Center on Howes Street in 1981. By then we had computer terminals in each office that were all hooked to a VAX760 running Unix. Over the next two decades the department rapidly grew and evolved as technologies changed and demand for qualified graduates increased. By 1997, we had awarded over 1100 Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science.

In 2007 construction began on the new Computer Science Building, and the grand opening was held in April 2009. The total cost of the building was $14 million, with $12.9 million raised from student fees. Thank you to all the students, faculty, and staff who have contributed to our success over the years.